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NOOMA Stories – Amy

Sophie33 commented on mentioning a cold frame (I only was familiar with greenhouses)& in order to picture what she had described I went on Google images.
My perfectionism lead me to unknown territories as most of the time (I like to investigate new info to the last detail :)) that is how I came across this very courageous blogger that happened to be in WordPress. Her story is one of courage, of questioning one’s life & re-orientation. When she left a link for her video on Youtube & saw it I thought this might be something my followers would enjoy & learn from. Let me know if I was on the right track 🙂
P.S As I saw other videos under the NOOMA name & realised it was affiliated to a certain belief which I’m not familiar with & reassure you of keeping up to my intention.
From the birth of this blog I had made the decision of dedicating it solely to one of art & inspiration void of politics or religious persuasion, I wanted to make clear, remind the intentions of this blog & reassure my followers of keeping faithful to its origin 🙂

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Uploaded on 1 Dec 2010
“There Is A Number Of Small Things” by Múm ( • )
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