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” Hello Kitty ” Birthday cake or Swiss roll recipe



This cake is not a natural one but if you like to experiment, you could always try to take the, multi-user natural recipe dough I gave you in the post prior to this one.
The cake is nevertheless very quick to make and bake. It is best to make it in two phases as the cake should be frozen for the decorating part.
The work is neater and the cream whip sticks quicker and easier that way.

Hello Kitty Birthday ( simple ) cake recipe


Throw in your electric mixer bowl,

1.   6 whole eggs
2.   1 1/2 cups sugar.

Beat on high power for 5 to 10 mn, the time it takes for the eggs to fluff up.

Lower the power and add slowly to the mixer,

3.   2 1/2 cups of flour ( any cup, preferably a fine powdered flour but any will do )
4.   1/2 packet baking powder ( every packet in every country is different so look on the box what is the agreeable measurement.
5.   1/2 cup oil ( the one you are used to bake with )



Put in a round baking tin with a paper baking sheet ( size 26 cm = 10.2 inches round, 6. 1/2 cm = 2.5 inches deep ) and slide in oven at 150 degrees Celsius = 302 Fahrenheit.
If preheated check after 30 mn but it’ll take about 50 mn. Each oven is so different that I don’t dare to pronounce myself, that is why it might be wise to try it out beforehand.

If you have dough left, put in a smaller round baking tin for the ” Hello kitty’s head ” and apply same procedure for baking while keeping in mind it’s smaller and bakes faster.
Cut the cake ( evenly ) to your hearts desire, shape with your knife the size you want for your cake if the tin was too big.

Freeze it, for 2 days, a week, what is best for you! 🙂



For the decoration…

Bring it out, put on the birthday tray, take two carton boxes of cake decorative vegan or dairy cream whip ( one if they are big ) whip it until relatively hard creamy and fluffy,
keep half of it white, and color in pink the other half with food coloring ( darker pink for the head flower and decoration around the cake with a pastry bag ) shape the ears at the top of the small cake ( see on picture ) add whiskers with licorice, coffee beans or jelly beans for the eyes nose and flower.
And there you have it!!

For the Swiss roll…



Put the dough in a flat oven tray this time, with a paper baking sheet in it, mine is 2 cm deep = 0.78 inch, ( less than 1 inch ) 30 cm wide = 11.8 inches, and 40 cm long = 15.7 inches.
If you are in a adventurous mood you’ll try it out before the birthday comes up, for the fun and practice!

Put in oven at 150 degrees Celsius = 302 Fahrenheit, if preheated, let it bake 20 mn, if not then, 30 mn. Prepare meanwhile a Tea towel on the kitchen table ( the ones you dry your dishes with. A clean one! 🙂 ) Put icing sugar on top. Take out the cake when ready, throw it in a swift movement, upside down ( as there is paper underneath ) on the towel ( it needs some practice, I admit! I flopped a few in the beginning ) and roll with the towel straight away, unroll, roll, two to three times so the cake takes shape.
Unroll, put any jam ( I use strawberry ) sprinkle on some scotch Whisky or rum, sprinkle shredded coconut if you like it, roll back again and serve plain or decorated on top with some cream whip, or the patterns and colors of your liking… Melted chocolate…
Enjoy improvising! You are the best artist and with a bit of imagination you can create anything you want!

I hope this was not too long.
I tried to tuck in, two cakes in one, just leave half of it for the next adventure and let me know the results, all the best of luck!