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The night tree


Still very busy with the tree collection.
I have used here oil painting and extra strong gel medium to bring the tree to life. I love working with texture for specific effects on certain project.

Trees, sometimes especially at night make life beautiful and in a sense are even more alive.
This is a reminder that We are lucky to be surrounded by them day in day out!

Best wishes for a safe warm winter to all of you!

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Night tree




colour swirl


Splash of light

Splash of light


Video & photo of new oil painting project

New project

New project

Working on a new project on 100/160 canvas.
This is the second canvas I am using in this size, the first being in acrylic.
Oil painting is far more challenging.
Having said that, I love my work. Artists are given the liberty to feel like a child while acting like an adult… I rarely share the beginnings of my projects, I’d rather show the end product, it kind of takes off the pressure as some can take as long as two years but for one reason or another this time was an exception maybe in order to celebrate my first oil painting on such a big scale…

Sunset after storm. The continuation…

Sunset after storm in progress...

Sunset after storm in progress…

An ongoing process until satisfaction…
Down to the last detail.
A new and one of the biggest project I ever was busy with.
A sunset I experienced a while back when least expected.
The day was a stormy one from the word go, when it approached to its end I had given up on any flamboyant ending, then it took me by complete surprise.
Which shows that things can turn for the better at any moment… Not always does it go with logic.