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The Biology of perception by Bruce Lipton 1 of 2

I could have given you a full video but the quality wasn’t as good so, it’s in two parts,hope you won’t mind 🙂

It is long but totally worth your time spent on it!

The Biology of belief by the Biologist Bruce Lipton

Here is one Lecture I found fascinating, the other one was, ” The Biology of perception ” which is fascinating too!
Enjoy! 🙂

Wake up my solitary ! 1987 ( Translation from French in post below as “RĂ©veilles toi mon solitaire!” )

six am.wake up call! ©copyright2013owpp

six am.wake up call!

Hi everyone!

Here’s the translation which I know is not ideal, nevertheless I appreciate you, making the effort
to read it, for the bilinguals, I hope you enjoyed it ! Have a lovely day !

The solitary

You, the solitary
You only read your universe
That defies the customs of time
That shuns proprieties, people

Asphyxiated when surrounded
Anguished when neglected
You deny hypocrisy
And you search in vain, THEE friend

Honesty in others
Harmony, half words said
Silence, always understood
Little, but a lifetime

You demand a world
Which does not exist on earth
You run after a dream
That shatters when dawn breaks

Wake up my solitary !

RĂ©veilles toi mon solitaire! 1987 ( French poetry translated in post above as “Wake up my solitary!” )

six am.wake up call! ©copyright2013owpp

six am.wake up call!

Le solitaire

Toi, le solitaire
Tu ne lis que ton univers
Qui défie les coutumes du temps
Qui fuit les convenances, les gens

Asphyxié lorsque entourer
Angoissé lorsque délaisser
Tu renies l’hypocrisie
Et tu recherches en vain, L’AMI

L’honnĂŞtetĂ© chez autrui
L’entente, les mots Ă  demi
Un silence toujours compris
Peu de choses, mais toute une vie

Tu exiges tout un univers
Qui n’existe sur terre
Tu cours après un rêve
Qui se brise quand l’aube se lève

RĂ©veilles toi mon solitaire!

Merci et bonne journée !