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My new painting… Fresh stART – Fiat lux – Et la lumière fut

Fiat lux - Et la lumière fut

Fiat lux – Et la lumière fut

Fiat lux – Et la lumière fut. The latest of the Firework collection. Up for sale. Linen canvas 100/120 cm.
This painting is about second chances, fresh stART.
It speaks about new beginnings, a privilege sometimes given to few…
(unless we make a conscientious decision)
The under-layer splashes seep through a fresh heavy layer of paint.
My paramount goal was texture & color in this project.
The explosive relief may be interpreted as life’s energy and the chaotic movement belonging to the stage (a fraction) before major changes.
Colors are intense here, lighter shades relevant to creation, light after void, order after chaos.
Please scroll down for close-ups.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop.
Your visits would be very much appreciated.
Let the word go round our amazing community.
My apologies for going to my reader so rarely… Between family, life & the beauty of working in a creative sphere,
I find time scarce.
I don’t dare make promises as I have found myself in the impossibility of keeping them 😉

Wishing all of you a perfect spring season!

Light versus void

Light versus void

New beginnings

New beginnings

Life's force

Life’s force