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Brown spots & caterpillars… any suggestion?

At first... ©copyright2014owpp

At first…

This is the story of my tomato plants… it started beautifully but then things went awry.
One mishap after another gave me the idea of seeking out your help, of all the (much more experienced than me) gardeners I follow, see if there’s a preventive measure I can take for next summer’s batch concerning those big brown spots coming out of nowhere and if those caterpillars are any threat to the tomatoes besides munching on my leaves.

Any suggestion would be more than welcome!

They thrived... ©copyright2014owpp

They thrived…

And I was so proud with the result! ©copyright2014owpp

And I was so proud with the result!

Then,I noticed this ©copyright2014owpp

Then,I noticed this

Which produced this :( ©copyright2014owpp

Which produced this 😦

And just when I thought it was over my leaves started to look like this! ©copyright2014owpp

And just when I thought it was over my leaves started to look like this!

The culprit... ©copyright2014owpp

The culprit…

And a future one ;) ©copyright2014owpp

And a future one 😉

Last but not least...all stretched out!!! ©copyright2014owpp

Last but not least…all stretched out!!!

Oh! forgot to show you our tomato plants climbing no matter what :) ©copyright2014owpp

Oh! forgot to show you our tomato plants climbing no matter what 🙂


Our chickpeas experience



From cotton to earth
From small to tall
You got there first
Quicker than them all

This experience came out by accident. We soaked chick peas a bit too long and some of them started to sprout. So we just put them on soaked cotton wool to let them continue their process which turned out into a full swing project!

The rat race! ©copyright2013owpp

The rat race!

Climbing ahead of others ©copyright2013owpp

Climbing ahead of others

We, your mirror and a flash of kindness-September 1992 –Adjusted January 2013



We, your mirror and a flash of kindness

Omitting love, kindness and patience from our lives, we are empty barks.
That sees without eyes, walks without feet, hears without ears, feels without a soul and appreciates
but ones pampered ego.

How much does it cost to make another feel welcome with an unexpected call, if only for a few
seconds. Greet them with a genuine smile, a warm Hello?

Just love, kindness and a flash of patience. And by this gesture comes…

A hint of sunshine.
A warm spot for the day.
Zeal in our step.
Wrinkles brushed off a forehead.
Pride in a demeanor.
Back bent under indifference, straightened.
Monotony of a cluttered day and clattered mind, alleviated…

For him, for her, for us.

Next time we go through such a day, remember…
There is someone with a heart wrinkled by the monotony of daily indifference, waiting for that spot of warmth…

Me, you, our fellow, our shadows…


Will it ever end? Is there anywhere to hide? ” Food plan relapse ” 2010



Today is a relapse day.
Escaping from words of condemnation I prefer to hide behind anything that shields me from the reality of this moment.

Maybe a tree is wide enough.
They have existed for so long, have witnessed it all and are still standing tall and erect, nothing budging them, their gargantuan trunk, sturdy and comforting.

Maybe I should hide behind the reverie of an outside component bringing me to salvation,
or find assuagement behind excuses such as holidays, festivities, people, a country, finances…
Anything to push off, what should be accomplished today.

Is it that operose to adhere to the agenda and utilize the guidance at hand?
Is relapse actually a way of hurling a conniption in the face of existence?

Our overactive mind is hushed with the saying of the wise ( which I have mentioned before )
” Repetition is the only true form of permanence that nature can achieve ”

Well, that is a beginning.
Repetition is all we have achieved until now, but the other way round. Our energies were just badly channeled, all we have to do is ” repetition ” the right way this time.
It appears after all, that our wrangles are a result of our persistence in questioning life’s ( or God, if you will ) role in the realization of our endeavor.

Maybe we should hide less, think less and trust more.

That would simplify a mind in effervescence. Ideally, the highest state of grace would be, to do what is in front of us, at this precise moment every day of our lives.

Re-energized by those self-pep talks, I uproot those trees with a bulldozer, ( figuratively speaking of course ) destroy those outside factors, organize my holidays and birthdays with my sponsor, push in as many implements as possible, mark down in a book the keywords that will have the power to drag me out of my moroseness when needed and importune for the zeal to keep on doing so every moment of my recovery.