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Finally giving English cottage 2007 a place too!

English cottage 2007 ©copyright2015owpp

English cottage 2007

I have finally gotten around to framing & classifying my work & am glad to show it off to you! Hope you’ll like the space I’m giving it 🙂 P.s I had posted it on the 5th of November 2012 among one of first posts on this blog! see… You can check out my new instagram account too on… LIFE_PAINTINGS For orders you can contact me at, Thank you!


For the very first time… A day at my work

My work material ©copyright2014owpp

My work material

I invite you today for the first time to see me at work!
Just a few photos to give you an idea about how & what
happened yesterday…

Taking care of the millimeters... ©copyright2014owpp

Taking care of the millimeters…

Refining shadows & reflections ©copyright2014owpp

Refining shadows & reflections

And enjoying every moment :) ©copyright2014owpp

And enjoying every moment 🙂