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Wrist trouble & The motherhood collection

Mother-newborn moment 19.10. 2015  working further details with oil paint-1-

This is a work belonging to the motherhood collection (in oil painting as a first!) I have been busy with for a while. I wanted desperately to get back to painting but hurt my wrist yesterday. Being the receiver of various successful homeopathy treatments for the past twenty five years I had in my first aid kit Arnica 200k and took it not really expecting immediate results and to my surprise ten minutes went by with an easing of the pain.
Today I left the stiff bandage on and was glad to find I could use my hand carefully nevertheless managing to tuck in a few hours of work!

Do not take my medical advice, I am not a doctor, just wanted to share this surprising outcome.
Wishing all my followers a very good week continuation 🙂

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  1. I feel for you (I’m also sporting a bandaged wrist that gives trouble from time to time – unfortunately I’ve never heard of Arnica 200k – maybe I’ll google it!)

    • What my doctor told me was that Arnica 30k is for the recovery of physical injury & 200k (it comes in a one dosage very small tube) is for the shock that the body goes into from the fall (psychological recovery). I was so calm that that I didn’t think it was relevant to the situation, I slipped with my winter slippers that had no grip & cushioned the fall with my hand. I had not expected it to work but was in pain & thought it won’t harm to try, considering it was homeopathy (no side effects).
      I made sure I could move my fingers (if I couldn’t it could’ve meant it’s broken) & that it wasn’t swollen, looked up on a reliable site my symptoms & took into consideration that no improvement in a relatively short time meant I should go to see my doctor. The (nearly) only diagnostic I would trust 🙂
      Thanks for commenting & best wishes for your wrist too.
      I have a daughter who had wrist problems from handling on a long term basis the computer mouse & found help in the alternative medicine too.
      It might be worth looking into that direction…

      • thanks that is really helpful. I also like to use natural medicine/therapy when possible.
        I didn’t really do anything to my wrist, I think it’s just “wearing out” lol. It was better for a long time then I did some unwise yoga wrist exercises (forgetting past troubles) and it came back. Riding my bike irritates it too.

    • I know exactly what you mean, it is easy to forget trouble when it doesn’t manifest itself for a while…
      I practice cranial osteopathy & have noticed that, as they claim, my body “flows” better, all these small complaints eventually disappear.
      Getting the body to work better is important so as to be careful small things don’t accumulate.
      Best wishes to you for a full functioning one 🙂


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