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  1. Lovely painting!

  2. The soft simplicity is comforting.

    • I am so glad this spoke to you in the way I was aiming… I am going through a phase where I aspire to the comfort you are talking about. Soft simplicity is a beautiful way of describing it. Thanks for this poetical feedback 🙂

      • My pleasure. I’ve recently gotten back into painting and tell myself I need to relax, let go, and be more abstract, so this tulip inspires me.

      • Thanks Joanne! I love contemporary realism bc I have a perfectionist side but I too, had to teach myself to let go & see the beauty of a less accurate form of art & came to understand there’s a tremendous amount of accuracy in abstract too but in different stages & procedure 🙂
        I will probably go from realism to abstract & vice versa, according to what speaks to me in the moment of creativity.
        It’s interesting to observe other people’s journey & find similarities that go beyond the miles…

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