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DIY dyes from your kitchen & garden: magic of living color

I am affiliated with courses of which I can’t actually follow as I don’t live there but I got a book on foraging, was thirsty for more & found his blog diverting, informative in a fun organic way.
Today I got in my email their natural dye course & decided to go on YouTube.
Having looked at a few I decided to post one I could relate to, where the plants were familiar to me & hope you’ll like it…
the surroundings are so soothing you find yourself lulled by its natural sounds 🙂

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Uploaded on 13 Feb 2012
Sasha Duerr uses just about anything to dye clothing: from kitchen waste (coffee grounds, avocado pits and onion skins) to invasive “weeds” (wild fennel, oxalis) to the leaves, fruit or petals of nearly any tree or plant (maple, pear, cherry, fig, acorn, fern, dahlia, poppy, lavender, etc).
Inspired by permaculture, Duerr believes in a slower approach to textile dying- she founded the Permacouture Institute to help advance Slow Textiles- both as a way to respect the environment, but also because she believes that plant-based color is more beautiful, and truly alive.

Original story here:…
Sasha’s book:…
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  1. I loved this Video share 🙂 and good look with your course .. Love and Light your way x Sue

  2. REally interesting. Thank you!


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