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Lambs lettuce & radishes for inspiration :)

Minimalist style ©copyright2015owpp

Minimalist style

I was preparing myself a plate of organic greens washing the earth off & noticed the colour contrast, the beauty of fresh food which lead me to a photo shoot craze… There was no photoshop involved besides the middle one where I played a bit with the colour.
Which one is your favorite?

Having fun messing around with colour... ©copyright2015owpp

Having fun messing around with colour…

Aren't greens elegant? ©copyright2015owpp

Aren’t greens elegant?


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  1. Catherine Johnson

    Great idea! I like the last one best.

  2. I love the first one, although all of them are great!

  3. The first one..but I am a minimalist at heart. And I adore the colour contrast.

  4. The last one, as it made my mouth water the most.

  5. I grow these 2 veggies right now in a cold frame in my garden!

    • What is a cold frame? Do you mean in cold weather?

      • No, it is like a home-made conservatory made out of wood & topped with some double foil or glass windows & you can place it on the ground & you can sow early veggies in it. It keeps the temperature inside up!

      • Is it the equivalent of a greenhouse? Is there a difference?

      • It is a sort of greenhouse!

      • Thanks for taking the time & patience for this information! I’ll certainly look it up further… My next project might be just that, growing radishes.
        Last year I did onions, leak, tomatoes & carrots which actually failed because I took the carrot tops as I’d seen in Youtube which went as far as growing into greens (after many failed attempts) then died. This year I planted leaks (again) from the grains I got of a leak root (that was a successful Youtube attempt :)) carrots from seeds (this time bought :)) & cucumber also bought seeds as I couldn’t find them in my organic freshly bought ones. I’m looking forward to try out the radishes depending on this year’s success. The only way I keep up gardening is when I get results from the last batch. Crazy maybe but it’s more for the fun than the food as I only have the space of a balcony. You might have noticed it in my gardening category.

      • Good luck with it all! xxx

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  7. excellent, I love them both… 🙂 have a peaceful Sunday and a positive week! cheers, Mélanie


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