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Trying to practice patience with laptop trouble :(

It loves me... it loves me not ;) ©copyright2015owpp

It loves me… it loves me not 😉

I regret to have to let you know that my laptop is not yet fixed & will have to be taken back in tomorrow for a second more thorough check up so, I’m asking you to try & be patient with me until I will be able to come back with a fully functioning one.
I got an ACER Windows8 not even two years ago & it worked perfectly until now so you can understand my disappointment… I thought I could go on with it for at least three years plus, it is an expensive item & yet it’s manufactured to last less than toys do.
I’ll try & borrow one but it’ll only be useful for following & liking.
Wishing all of you the very best 🙂


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  1. I completely empathize! Our out of the box new desktop didn’t work in less than 48 hours… so frustrating!

  2. All my sympathy! we are slaves to these gadgets, and their bells and whistles – not everybody knows how to fix them at home, when they can even be fixed.
    I try to remove as many bells and whistles as is possible when I have a new one, in the hope that it will simplify its performance … But I am still with a tower! Yr. post makes me shudder because it is becoming older and older. And there are problems with the software too. Now my Windows will not back-up any more – a ‘known problem’ but not any known solution to it. … AHHGRRR. Good luck and may the road to the computer fixing-shop rise to meet you, etc…

    • Thanks for your support! I was wondering… what are bells & whistles? I am totally ignorant about so many things concerning computers, I just get my way around WordPress,Google, YouTube & Instagram but the minute something unusual happens I’m lost for example when the computer has been reset after being repaired I have no idea how to put back all my facilities.
      Well, might come a time where miracles will happen & I’ll know my way around it all 🙂
      Very best wishes for a healthy happy year 2015!

      • Oh, ‘bells and whistles’ is a term that indicates all the extra programs that are added to a new computer – such as games for instance, or music, or introductions to programs that they want you to buy – stuff that one will never use but are scheduled to become active when the computer starts and can slow down the regular programs that the owner really is interested in …
        There is a great newsletter, Google Leo Notenboom or Ask Leo! and set yourself up to receive his newsletter – I find it very useful.
        Thanks for yr. wishes that I also send to you and yours.

      • I just have enrolled, thanks! I have taken out all the games too I hope that’s a good start, you’ve been a great help 🙂

  3. Oh boy. Truly a lesson in patience. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  4. wonderful bloom!
    can’t argue
    with a computer 🙂

  5. Patience with a laptop? Surely you jest… 🙂 Join the club!

    Je suis Charlie

  6. There’s nothing like technology to push our patience to the ethers. Good luck. 🙂

  7. Thank you for liking “Jaquet-Droz Automata.” I am sorry to hear about your computer troubles. I can also relate to your disappointment about a relatively new computer breaking down on you. Since this post is dated January 8th, I hope your computer is up and running now.

    • Oh no! They are very slow in repairs. I sent it once, it wasn’t done properly & now it’s in for an additional three weeks! But they are worse worries in the world so I take it in my stride 🙂
      Meanwhile, I have borrowed another laptop but it’s very limiting as I have no access to my files but maybe, just maybe I can outsmart the system & find a way to dish out from somewhere photos & publish a poem I’m in the middle of working on.
      Thanks for your support, it means more than you know 🙂

  8. Hope your troubles with the laptop are soon over. Cheers 🙂 Irina

  9. Been there, done that, got several T-shirts, so you have my heartfelt sympathy. I hope yours is soon sorted. My problem just now is the printer – brand new replaceement for a Canon under guarantee. Router replaced Friday and printer won’t accept wi-fi from it. Like a dog chasing its tail, it’s one darned thing after another!

    • Oh yes! I know that problem but I had my daughter sort it out 😉
      I sometimes pity them, they are the ones who pushed me into the world of technology & now are having to pay a price!
      I don’t know why but your comment went into “pending” hence my slow response, my excuses.


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