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The sequel of our rabbits

This is Flappy! ©copyright2014owpp

This is Flappy!

About two years ago our children begged us for a rabbit which I adamantly refused because life experience taught me it would inevitably all fall on me, the cleaning, feeding, joy & pain… Then recently, I caved in on the condition that it wouldn’t, I guess we never learn 😉
(we had two hamsters more than twenty years ago see… an essay I wrote for a writing course)
So, we looked on the internet (big mistake there!) & went on a drive to buy a two month old Albino buck which was taken away from its mother, without us understanding the consequence (second mistake!) we loved him on sight & called him Flappy because of what we thought were his floppy ears, that’s how oblivious we were… total newbies!
Five days later after taking a big place in our home, Flappy broke our heart & died for what seemed, no apparent reason, until I worked hours on the internet to collect as much information as possible in order to understand the why’s that kept turning in our head & found out that private breeders have a high mortality rate & that two months old is still too young to separate from the mother if we were told the truth about its age!
After respectfully parting from him we went to look, this time in a shop, for one that would fill the huge gap Flappy had created in such a short tract & found a four month old doe (we made sure of that too) that was not with its mother, meaning old enough to be adopted by us without dying on us.
I fell for Kwaki (the name our kids insisted upon) for her big eyes & beautiful fur & came home with the hope that everyone would love her as much as I already did… which happened to some quicker than others but she quickly won over 😉
Kwaki is nearly four months with us now & soon eight months of age, we’ve learnt everything we could over rabbits, to the last detail, she’s a cheeky, healthy one with a load of character, keeps us on our toes, there is a pile of cleaning up after, that mostly falls on me, I’ve built her “castles” from free supermarket boxes(yes, she munches her way through them!) but we adore her 🙂
Nevertheless every time we see photos of our Flappy we still have this slight squeeze & miss that white bundle of fur…

Here are some photos of the two I hope you’ll enjoy!

Passing from one to another... ©copyright2014owpp

Passing from one to another…

Close to our hearts ©copyright2014owpp

Close to our hearts

Fitting in the cup of our hand ©copyright2014owpp

Fitting in the cup of our hand

Then comes tiny Kwaki... ©copyright2014owpp

Then comes tiny Kwaki…



Growing fast munching her way through ;) ©copyright2014owpp

Growing fast munching her way through 😉

My architecture skills! ©copyright2014owpp

My architecture skills!

Kwaki "helping" me out :) ©copyright2014owpp

Kwaki “helping” me out 🙂

Training her to stand...for carrot peel ©copyright2014owpp

Training her to stand…for carrot peel

Learning to pose, knowing she's irresistible! ©copyright2014owpp

Learning to pose, knowing she’s irresistible!


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  1. We had a hamster and loved her. Your bunnies look very sweet! Have a good break.

    • I never dreamt I would ever get that close as I was never much of an an animal person & never grew up with them but funnily enough having those two bunnies just opened up a door…
      Glad you found ours sweet too 🙂
      Thanks for your good wishes, I’ll make the most of it!

      • I definitely got guilted into keeping a hamster, as my husband I are both allergic to cats and dogs, and tropical fish weren’t cutting it in the cuddles department. But it’s funny how you learn to love them–not all of them, because they have different personalities. But some of them grow on you.

      • They do indeed 🙂 Wow, you were courageous to take it on with allergies!

      • Hamsters, no problem. It’s only cats and dog allergies. But I comforted the kids by telling them that’s why we could get up and go traveling at the drop of a hat–no kennel fees, no need to find caregivers for the pets, etc. But I grew up with cats and loved them, and feel sorry that my kids missed out on that. f I have no doubt that the minute they get places of their own, they will populate them with four-footed friends.

      • I can relate to that, my kids nag me constantly for a dog which I would love too after the bunnies experience but I know the fees are much higher which we cannot afford at the moment & even if I’d make the financial extra effort I have absolutely no time in my schedule to go out two or three times a day to walk it & as I wrote in my post, it’ll always be me ending up with the responsibility.
        So, in my case I don’t really have guilty feelings but I probably would if allergies would have been the reason why I couldn’t fulfill their wishes.
        Having said that, kids learn with life that not all their wishes can be granted & just maybe, that is why they appreciate doubly when it is 😉

      • I am sure that’s true! My kids are very understanding–but they still are eager to be in a position to have their own place, and pets.

      • Yes, they do like to spread their own wings at a certain age, I wasn’t too different either 🙂
        Best wishes for a very good end of week!

  2. So very sweet! Certainly irresistible!

    • Thank you!
      We do pamper her constantly, she is such a character, she’s learnt how to open a nearly closed door, “knocks” on it with her snout if it’s closed or grates with her claws,climbs up our legs & manifests her discontentment by grunting at us…
      I’d have never thought rabbits have such a wide range of communication 🙂

  3. Thank you for liking “Snowflakes” and “Snowflake Photomicrography.” I enjoyed looking at the photos of your cute rabbits. I am sorry to hear Flappy died so soon after you brought him home. Kwaki looks healthy and pampered. I hope you, your family, and Kwaki have many happy years together. 🙂

    • Thanks for all your good wishes! Yes, she is doing very well 🙂 we try to be very careful about what she eats & if any slight symptoms come up as we have been told rabbits do not show anything until it’s far too late, which makes it unfortunately harder on the owners.
      Your photo was stupendous, I never knew one could get that close with a lens!
      Is that a special lens you have?

      • You are welcome. I have not kept rabbits as pets, so I did not know they could get seriously ill without showing many symptoms.

        I like the snowflake photo too, but I did not take it. I found it on Wikimedia Commons. The photo credits are under the photo.

        I cannot believe Christmas is next week. Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

      • I’ll certainly check the credits, thanks for kindly replying!
        Best wishes for a happy holiday 🙂

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