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Step in… you’ll find the missing pieces

Step in... ©copyright2014wpp

Step in…

Step in to the threshold of each & every day
Living your life with love light peace & joy*

If you can manage that you will quickly see
That you have found the missing pieces…

* L.L.P.J


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Love, light, peace and joy – now I like that!

    • Thank you! I appreciate that 🙂
      I did not elaborate on the word peace which I find tends to be frequently used & has made me wonder many a time if we truly grasp its meaning…
      What I meant by choosing that word was that peaceful feeling in our gut & mind that tells us that after all the tribulations of life it truly is ok which usually brings us to a deep comfortable zone,
      a beautiful but quite rare place, at least in my opinion 🙂

  2. What a journey that is! 😉

  3. a lovely image to ponder and imagine walking thru and delighting in the coolness, the sea… ah, the sea… thank you. xx

  4. Life can be a little like a jig-saw… but once we have those straight edges in place.. We soon find those missing pieces… 🙂 Keep turning them over.. Its all about the discovery of that next piece! 🙂 Happy week to you xx Sue

    • Straight edges… hum… what a beautiful way of putting it! Never thought of that.
      Turning over the pieces too, you make life sound OK, I like that 🙂
      I always tend to think that I’m the one complicating a life that was originally much simpler but you seem to be saying that life is just so… we just have to go along the path, follow the process…
      I wish I could remember that every day & have more patience when things don’t turn the way I planned them to 🙂
      Thanks for some more inspiration, we can all do with it in regular doses!


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