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Brown spots & caterpillars… any suggestion?

At first... ©copyright2014owpp

At first…

This is the story of my tomato plants… it started beautifully but then things went awry.
One mishap after another gave me the idea of seeking out your help, of all the (much more experienced than me) gardeners I follow, see if there’s a preventive measure I can take for next summer’s batch concerning those big brown spots coming out of nowhere and if those caterpillars are any threat to the tomatoes besides munching on my leaves.

Any suggestion would be more than welcome!

They thrived... ©copyright2014owpp

They thrived…

And I was so proud with the result! ©copyright2014owpp

And I was so proud with the result!

Then,I noticed this ©copyright2014owpp

Then,I noticed this

Which produced this :( ©copyright2014owpp

Which produced this 😦

And just when I thought it was over my leaves started to look like this! ©copyright2014owpp

And just when I thought it was over my leaves started to look like this!

The culprit... ©copyright2014owpp

The culprit…

And a future one ;) ©copyright2014owpp

And a future one 😉

Last but not least...all stretched out!!! ©copyright2014owpp

Last but not least…all stretched out!!!

Oh! forgot to show you our tomato plants climbing no matter what :) ©copyright2014owpp

Oh! forgot to show you our tomato plants climbing no matter what 🙂


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  1. Any chance you are over-watering them? Our tomatoes did better when we realized that we were wondering them too much. They were cracking and generally not doing well.

  2. There’s been a problem this year with tomatoes in our part of the world (S.E. England near the coast). Down at the allotments where we garden, every plot-holder has had the same brown-spot thing with their tomatoes. It’s to do with some kind of blight and makes no difference if the fruit is grown in greenhouses or outside. I think it’s to do with too much humidity, so watering less often might be the right solution, as Bernice has suggested.

    • It is very kind of you to notify that, it clears the doubts & confirms the gut feeling or a simple suspicion.
      Someone I asked about the green caterpillars told me that it could come from the organic soil I bought that might have had eggs laid in it, do you think that’s possible?
      I thought that kind of problem wouldn’t come up considering it’s earth I purchased in a store which I thought would be careful about its quality.
      Enjoy your week!

  3. We had that problem with some of our Tomatoes several years ago.. I think it was to do with too much moisture in the air… Did your plants get enough air around them ?… We had a bumper crop this year, we are still using for soups and pasta sauce and freezing some whole after skinning..
    Such a shame after all that TLC.. Tender Loving Care.. 🙂

    • The tomato plants are in our balcony so there would be no problem of ventilation but you are right I watered them too abundantly.
      I did get a whole bunch of them, it’s my first really successful year, all the futile attempts of the previous years lead to this very satisfying one, I’m not complaining, just had these two major problems, a short one, the brown spots & a longer, the caterpillars which I’m trying to solve by constantly checking & removing.
      I put them in a plastic box with fresh leaves in order to observe their further development & not have to kill them which kind of repulses me.
      I am still going on spoiling them (my tomato plants) with TLC 😉
      Thanks for kindly commenting, it truly means much to me!

    • P.S
      Would you by any chance know what precautions I should take for winter’s frosting so it shouldn’t kill my tomato plants?
      I can’t exactly bring them in as our apartment is tiny so I’d like to be well prepared this time so I don’t need to start from scratch next year but if there’s no way round it, so be it 🙂
      Last year I exerted myself wrapping up each plant with newspaper & plastic but it didn’t help much so it would be nice if you had any magic trick up your sleeves!

      • The only thing I could suggest for your balcony is to buy a small plastic portable green house.. similar to this I found on Google images.

        To help keep frost free. but once the temp drops you do not get many more tomatoes from your plants. even if you have flowers forming.. Hubby has now picked all the green tomatoes and we have them in the kitchen to ripen as the temps even in the green house are too low unless you are prepared to put heating on.. Hope this helps

      • Thanks ever so much for that information! The portable greenhouse looks quite good but would take too much space in my balcony but now that you’ve introduced me to the idea I’m going to see if I can improvise further…
        I really do appreciate the effort & time taken to help me out 🙂

      • You are most welcome 🙂

  4. Marcella Rousseau

    I believe that’s called Blossom End Rot. Lovely name. I think it’s from uneven watering. Here is more on it:
    Just pick the caterpillars off. I’ve had them one year too. You could spray them with dish soap water. It won’t hurt the plants. It’s heartbreaking I know! Also, look for tomato varieties that are disease resistant although some of them are lacking in flavor.


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