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New flower collection…

Light & shadow ©copyright2014owpp

Light & shadow

I have been taking flower shots for quite a while now, but only understood yesterday while having fun at it once again, the influence the blogging world has on my results which I think has definitely improved since the beginning of my blog.
This time I decided to play it sometimes sophisticated with black background and others preserved its pure lines in the classical settings of daylight.
I hope you’ll enjoy this collection 🙂

Burst of pattern & light ©copyright2014owpp

Burst of pattern & light

Mysterious & abstract ©copyright2014owpp

Mysterious & abstract

Flashy orange symmetry ©copyright2014owpp

Flashy orange symmetry

Summer classical ©copyright2014owpp

Summer classical

Zooming in beauty ©copyright2014owpp

Zooming in beauty

Flash surprise! Turning my yellow flower to orange :) ©copyright2014owpp

Flash surprise! Turning my yellow flower to orange 🙂

Green flowery forest ©copyright2014owpp

Green flowery forest

Small beauty among giant shiny foliage ©copyright2014owpp

Small beauty among giant shiny foliage

Preserving the clear pure lines ©copyright2014owpp

Preserving the clear pure lines

...and colored abstract ©copyright2014owpp

…and colored abstract

Last but not least... Sophisticated yet genuine ©copyright2014owpp

Last but not least… Sophisticated yet genuine


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. What’s not to love about this collection – beautiful photography work from light to angles.

  2. simply wonderful… ❤ my flower pix look "pale" compared to yours… my very best, bonne continuation and thanx for dropping by my crossroads… cheers, Mélanie

  3. Only one word comes to mind when I see all your captures: gorgeous! The lighting and composition are fantastic! 🙂

  4. Such strong, confident images …. beautiful.

  5. Brilliant color, wonderful captures:)

  6. Hi there 🙂 Love your photography! I wondered if you have taken part in the Round the World Blog Hop on creativity and if not “Would you like to?” I can give you more info if interested. I am doing a post on Monday and need to nominate two others. Thanks 🙂

    • I have no idea what it is, if it’s very time consuming or what are the benefits in participating…
      It sounds kind of fun but far too vague to go into it blindly.
      I am highly complimented that you ever thought about me for this 🙂
      Loving my photography is something I never thought I’d hear when I started blogging so, I’m very appreciative.
      Thank you!

      • I think it will take a little time but not as much as an awards thing and a lovely way of giving recognition and inviting others to view someone else’s blog. Here is the link for you to view
        I hope you have more confidence now, you should have 🙂

      • Thank you for the link & the show of trust in my work!
        My appreciation goes to you 🙂

      • I understand through the link you sent me that there are mainly 4-5 questions you have to answer explaining the whys & hows of your work, am I right?
        If so, I don’t mind participating, is there a time limit?
        I gather that it’s introducing you to more readers,
        It’s a bit in the same spirit as the awards we are nominated for, correct?

      • Yes, that’s correct…answering the questions about your creative processes. Ideally it supposed to be posted on Mondays (yours would be next Monday week) although to me this is not a necessity to be hung up on!!!
        I guess it is like awards although I no longer do them, I like it in that it shares different types of creativity with others interested and a chance for self expression on your own thoughts and passions.

  7. Let me know if you are interested in doing this as I would like to nominate you. I need to do a post for Monday and nominate 2 others to do posts the following Monday.
    You are welcome 🙂

    • I would be honored to accept 🙂
      So, there’s a week to do it, it’s limiting but I think I can manage it in that amount of time, thanks!

      • Oh great 🙂 🙂 Thank you! If you can’t do it in the time I shouldn’t worry at all, I think that’s rather too much stress over something that should be rather more enjoyable….take your time 🙂 Is it ok for me to pinch a couple of your photos as an introduction for you in mine?

      • I don’t mind at all as long as it’s linked to my blog but that is the usual process right?
        I’m glad you don’t seem too hung up on the time limit, as a perfectionist I tend to stress out in these situations 🙂

      • Yes, definately will be linked to your blog 🙂 Please DO NOT STRESS lol, I would be mortified to learn I caused you stress. Breath deeply…. take your time, when you decide to do it is nothing to do with me but I shall just enjoy reading at some later stage 🙂

      • Don’t worry! It’s not that bad… just that it weights on me when I’d rather make life more fun so I choose to limit my time limits 😉
        Now, that you’ve allowed me to do just that, there’ll be only pleasure in this nomination so, I’m looking forward!

      • I am so very sorry but when I accepted your invitation to write about my photography I had forgotten that my family was off from work beginning this week until end of August & I need to fully focus on enjoying quality time with them so, all my apologies for not fulfilling what I would gladly enjoy to do at any other time & hope you do understand…
        All my very best wishes to you for a very pleasant summer holiday and thanks again for thinking of me in your nominations 🙂
        I have no objections at all to your mentioning my blog on that site if you feel like it, I’d be more than happy!

      • 🙂 No worries, enjoy your time with them 🙂 That’s far more important than blog stuff!!! 🙂

      • Thanks! I truly appreciate 🙂

  8. I love these photos! They are stunning! You have such a great way of getting just the perfect angle at accent the color and form. Thanks for sharing these!

  9. All of these are so Summery and beautiful.. Loved all your photo’s.. Thank you for sharing xx


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