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My tomatoes are out!

My jewel! ©copyright2014owpp

My jewel!

I have seven tomato plants in my balcony this year & finally have results! The tomatoes I thought would never come out, did just that!
Years of experience & mishaps have made this possible. My first plant was grown indoors & took nine months to give one tomato… you can check the link here
This time round I was wiser & knew I had to look out for our “friends” the green flies which I have been doing & removing nearly every day.
I was so crazy over the sight of these beauties that I took close ups of each tomato in order to be able to share our hard earned miracles with all of you!
Posted bellow are the photos from beginning to end.
I hope you’ll enjoy the process 🙂


In my last photo you can see my only surviving squash out of many shoots, my onions that had been forgotten & had germinated in the kitchen (!) carrots that I tried to grow from carrot tops (YouTube advice) but that just died 😦 a few green pepper plants & on the extreme left a plant that people wanted to throw out that I rescued…

How it all started... a small plastic box! ©copyright2014owpp

How it all started… a small plastic box!

Growing in the kitchen in October! ©copyright2014owpp

Growing in the kitchen in October!

A lot of care... ©copyright2014owpp

A lot of care…

And... voila! ©copyright2014owpp

And… voila!

After many flowers & beyond my wildest imagination! ©copyright2014owpp

After many flowers & beyond my wildest imagination!

Isn't this quite a sight!? ©copyright2014owpp

Isn’t this quite a sight!?

So very proud ;) ©copyright2014owpp

So very proud 😉

And of my "garden" ©copyright2014owpp

And of my “garden”

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us 😀
    It is special when we can grow them ourselves.

  2. Love love love the way you use so little space to germinate your growth.
    And , as usual, document with such high resolution. Candy for the eye.
    Jeanne Poland

  3. with all my congratulations! It is no very easy in the garden! so on the balcony it is very very well!

    • Thank you for your heartfelt comment! It is indeed in a way harder & in another easier.
      A balcony is compact so there’s more control over your plant but a garden has the space required for producing better results in bigger amounts but with a lot more work 🙂
      After wishing for a long time to have a garden I decided to make the most of what I have & slowly began my first baby steps in gardening…

  4. Love your tomato progression! Quite an accomplishment. Enjoy!

  5. Envy! I noticed my tomatoes in the greenhouse may have blight today- not good!

    • Oh, what a shame! I didn’t know one could loose a plant on blight, how does it look & can it be salvaged?

      • Brown blotches on the leaves and similar patches forming on the fruit. I suspect that it could be because the temperature in the G’house hasn’t been hot enough and I may have over watered and under ventilated! Will seek out some Mancozeb tomorrow and spray the plants- if it’s not too late….:( Ah well, there are still the outdoor plants (I hope) ! That’s gardening for you (and the moles are still digging up the lawn)
        Enjoy your tomatoes!

      • Thanks! I will enjoy them, I appreciate the info.

  6. This post makes me miss my greenhouse for the first time since I sold my house two years ago. I love the scent of tomato plants.

    • To me, the scent of tomato plants reminds me of one special moment in my childhood when we went with our parent camping & against the wall of the main building grew tomato plants heavy with fruits that let out its aroma to all those in its vicinity…
      I am sorry to have caused you to miss it but who knows, you could plant them in the wild & they’ll just pick up!
      I have seen such plants growing beautifully, was it the seeds of a picnicker? maybe…
      Thanks for this heartwarming comment, feedback is what makes this blog continue to grow 😉

  7. Loving your pictorial growth record …. Isn’t growing from seed so satisfying.. 🙂 Lovely post.. Well done.. and loved your array of potted plants xx

  8. vera ersilia

    I think that growing tomatoes is as satisfying as growing roses.When I had an outdoor garden I tended both and was enchanted by both. As I am enchanted by your balcony garden.

    I fell in love with your seedlings! how tender how lively… I must try that !

    • Thanks for the compliment! I have indeed a lot of satisfaction out of growing plants & my balcony is what I try to make the most of to practice my very newly founded gardening skills 🙂
      I appreciate the time taken to write down your impressions!

  9. Impressive balcony garden! I think you now need a small plot of ground. Any allotments around?

    I have three volunteer tomato plants growing from utilized compost. They are producing fruit, even though they were open pollinated. The glory of growing.

    I have a plaque in my garden that reads, ” as the garden grows, so shall the gardener” so true don’t you agree?

    Happy summer!

    • I wish I could find an allotment but I heard that they go from father to son here.
      My second wish is to know how to make & put in my plants organic compost safely & without it stinking around as I live in an apartment.
      I found it in a gardening store but I don’t like the sound of the ingredients I read on it & I’m afraid to burn my plant more than nourishing them 🙂
      I love that saying ” as the garden grows, so shall the gardener” it is indeed the way I feel about gardening…
      Thanks for your visit on my blog, it’s very much appreciated!

      • Healthy compost does not smell at all. Read up on it and perhaps a small one can be managed on your balcony, although full sun is important.
        I would purchase only “organic” compost, often with chicken manure that usually does not smell. Also look for organic fertilizers…we have a brand here in the US named Espoma.
        Or, better yet start visiting nearby allotments and see if you can befriend a lot holder! 😉

      • That’s an idea! I’ll try & speak to them & see what they say, thanks for the info!

  10. How wonderful! Growing food is such a fulfilling experience. Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to following yours as well. 🙂

  11. People always tell me tomatoes are easy to grow. But that hasn’t been my experience, either. Yay for you!

    • They are but they aren’t 🙂
      I needed a few years to understand how to deal with the pitfalls & come out victorious meaning I have tomatoes to show off to myself & my family without the plant being eaten up by bugs or blight but after all it’s having luck with the whole process…
      Thanks for the encouragement!


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