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no-electrical-appliances quick & easy vegan chocolate cake

Moist & delicious! ©copyright2014owpp

Moist & delicious!

This is a recipe I found by a vegan/vegetarian blogger (I have searched long for her link to put in here with no success as I follow a lot of bloggers)
Her recipe included ingredients which I do not use as… sugar/rice syrup for me, oil/olive or sesame for me, coconut milk/soy or spelt for me, so I just translated it into my “language”.
I love easy recipes which do not include electrical appliances & ingredients all houses have so I do not need to go out running to find them & this one fitted my criteria.
I was taking time off the blog but this is the exception… I find it important to share a quick-cheap-&-easy recipe that could help others.

Chocolate oozing out... ©copyright2014owpp

Chocolate oozing out…


1. 3 1/2 cups wholewheat flour
2. 1 1/2 cup pure cocoa (you can use carob powder instead but it’s not as strong a flavor or coffee if you want to change it to a coffee flavored cake)
3. 2 cups rice syrup (sugar for some)
4. 2 tsp. baking powder
5. 400 ml = 13.53 fl. ounces soy milk (spelt or coconut for some)
6. 1 cup oil (olive,sesame any of your choice)
7. 1/4 cup of rum
8. 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar (optional)
9. 2 tbsp. shredded coconut to sprinkle on top (optional)
10. A few pieces of unsweetened chocolate to put in the muffins (optional)

Ready for oven ©copyright2014owpp

Ready for oven


1. Put the dry ingredients in a bowl, mix then add the liquid ingredients (I did not have apple cider vinegar so I did not use it)
2. You can be creative & make muffins out of it as I did, with pieces of chocolate tucked in the middle if you want it fancy, a flat or high cake with or without shredded coconut on top or anything else that tickles your imagination 🙂
It’s as simple as that!
3. Put in a preheated oven on 170 degrees Celsius = 338 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 mn (muffins)
& about 30 mn for the cake as it has more dough.

I’m including below photos of the cakes & of the unsweetened 100% natural chocolate if you want to make your own research to purchase it.

With coconut on top ©copyright2014owpp

With coconut on top

Enjoy it preferably accompanied by your loved ones around a log fire 😉
Now, it’s my imagination running…

Where's my cup of tea? ©copyright2014owpp

Where’s my cup of tea?

See the melted chocolate? ©copyright2014owpp

See the melted chocolate?

Unsweetened chocolate ©copyright2014owpp

Unsweetened chocolate




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20 responses »

  1. Looks delicious. I need to make this GF so will have to play around with the flour. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your cake looks very delicious. I will try to bake this one of the days, but with soy as I have allergy against. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for taking time to write this kind comment 🙂
      I can now give you my family’s verdict on it… it is not as sweet as a regular chocolate cake bc I used rice syrup so for us who are sugar non-consumers it is good, they even prefer it this way (I don’t eat cake so I had to wait for their opinion :)) as it is less addictive than the regular one, but anyone who’d rather have it sweeter, should use honey, sugar or any natural sweetener they regularly use.
      Let me know how it goes if you can 🙂
      Wishing you a very good week!

  3. Mmmmmm… that first picture set me off rummaging in cupboards looking for a chocolate fix. And I KNOW there’s none in there!

    • I know… photos are very influencing that is why I appreciate following bloggers who are nature-photographers.
      Only looking at those spectacular views or close-ups soothes the mind.
      Thanks for this delightful feedback 🙂
      Have a lovely week!

  4. This looks way too good to be vegan! Wow 🙂

    • That is very nice of you to say!
      You’d probably prefer it in the sugar version as I remarked to irenedesign2011.
      Rice syrup is a good sweetener for those who never use sugar, the palate is not used to extreme sweetness…
      All in all the recipe is a good one, it has a nice strong chocolate flavor and a good consistency, all you need to do is use the sweetener you are used to so you don’t get any surprises 😉

  5. Looks lovely. I must try it out. I do like to cook simple, tasty recipes.

    • I am glad you want to give it a try 🙂
      If you are used to sugar you might want to change the rice syrup to sugar or maybe honey.
      The original recipe was with sugar but as I don’t use it I changed it over to rice syrup.
      Let me know how it goes if you can (I usually forget from where I found it as I follow a lot of bloggers :))
      Enjoy your summer!

  6. These look amazing & I am also a big fan of loves chock chocolate, sweetened with coconut sugar! xxx
    I will make these soon! 😉 Yummmm!


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