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I am inaugurating my new Gardening category with my pepper success story!

MY paprika! ©copyright2014owpp

MY paprika!

Today I had a huge surprise in store…
I went to water the pepper plant I grew from a seed and saw a tiny all organic pepper growing! (the photo makes it look bigger ;))
I had taken the seed from a fresh pepper.
Well, we all got so excited I quickly took photos and planned to post it but then realized I was having more posts on gardening without having a category for it so, I got down to work. (I tend to forget from one category to another how to show it on my Menu…I still don’t know how I succeeded today that’s how good I’m at technology ;))
I went on You tube and tried a few videos that didn’t help (go figure!) then managed it on my own.
There’s a lot of patience involved in the blogging field!
The first shoots came out around October 2013 it produced a lot of flowers which I thought would come to fruition but didn’t… and just when I had given up on gardening for “real” it popped out!
With such a boost I decided it was high time to take my passion and hobby a step further.
I then placed my other “planting experiences” on the new category.
Forgive my inexperience as I’m a complete novice at serious gardening.
Last October I took any seed I had in the kitchen, put it in a plastic box on a wet tissue and waited…
A lot of mishaps have made me a lot smarter.
I hope you’ll enjoy this journey as much as I do!
I’m including bellow the photos of our pepper’s growth process 🙂

Tiny shoots! ©copyright2014owpp

Tiny shoots!

First flowers popping... ©copyright2014owpp

First flowers popping…

Without much result... ©copyright2014owpp

Without much result…

Then, oh happy miracle! ©copyright2014owpp

Then, oh happy miracle!

And another! ©copyright2014owpp

And another!

Our fruitful small plant ©copyright2014owpp

Our fruitful small plant

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  1. Ma che bel fiore fa la pianta, non lo conoscevo!!
    Belle foto. Saluti, Patrizia

  2. Wonderful, Nature always surprises us.. and your Pepper is looking healthy and great…. We too are trying Peppers for the second time.. We tried a few years ago but it was too cold and damp… and they didn’t like it.. So I hope mine are as successful as yours..
    Brilliant… xxxx

    • So now I understand why the one in my kitchen grew much taller than the ones on the balcony… they were shorter plus they got those dreaded green flies which spoil the leaf growth and is back-breaking to get rid of! (one by one literally)
      Would you have any preventive secret weapon? 🙂

  3. Great post. Thank you very much. I appreciate the detail and sense of the journey. Great photography as well, capturing the pepper nicely. A nice pepper it is!

  4. I love your excitement, that will never end 🙂 We still grin at our first fig on the tree, the first tomato or pepper. That’s what it’s all about, the nurturing to finally see the fruit developing. And how good they taste after all that watching 🙂

  5. Great experiment and great results. Your pepper must have self fertilized somehow ! I love to grow things from the seeds I find. Right now I have maple pods, cattails sprouting, and clematis seeds in little pots. I use full spectrum lights on them but I do not know how/if they will mature… I applaud your efforts and will follow your new category. There is the power of life in them seeds … let’s release it. Cheers!

    • Wow! What a list! I understand through that, that you focus more on wild edible plants? If so, do you mind me asking why? Doesn’t cattails take a lot of space?

      • I only try to see if seeds that I find in nature will grow in pots. I do not ‘focus’ on anything. I do not know to what degree the cattails will grow. They would take vertical space if they would grew to maturity. Thanks for your repky

      • We all have to follow our instinct that is what’s most important, that and enjoying the journey 🙂
        It is precisely what I did when I started to plant any seed I could find in my kitchen, I just followed a sudden urge for what you described so very well… “There is the power of life in them seeds … let’s release it.”
        Have a lovely day!

  6. What an amazing moment to find that pepper!!! I am so happy for you. I am converting from a brown to green thumb myself. Your photos share a story of love. Light & love to you sweet thing!

    • Wow! Thanks for this heartwarming feedback! Isn’t it exciting to have that project in your life?!
      I don’t know much as a beginner but have already learnt a lot through internet & my flops so, if you have any question I can answer I’ll gladly help 🙂

  7. Gosh that’s a pepper! Pretty exciting.

  8. Wonderful post! 🙂


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