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The Peace lily & seeing green

The Spathiphyllum-floribundum ©copyright2014owpp

The Spathiphyllum-floribundum

We are lucky enough to have succeeded in keeping this most exotic plant alive in our home for quite a few years 🙂
I’ll include the photos of its maturation.
I hope you like it, have a good weekend!

Courtesy of Wikipedia.
Spathiphyllum floribundum, snowflower,[2] peace lily,[2] is a flowering plant in the family Araceae, native to northwestern South America from Panama east to Venezuela and south to Peru.

It is a herbaceous perennial plant. The leaves are oval to lanceolate, 12–20 cm long and 5–9 cm broad. The flowers are produced in a spadix, surrounded by a 10–20 cm long, greenish- or yellowish-white spathe.

Perfect shape & texture ©copyright2014owpp

Perfect shape & texture

Close up ©copyright2014owpp

Close up

Magical changes ©copyright2014owpp

Magical changes

Seeing green ;) ©copyright2014owpp

Seeing green 😉


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  1. Beautiful & congratulations on your green thumb.

    • Not that green… I don’t always have an easy time growing things 😉
      I’ve had some victories which I’m praying will go on growing to maturity (as apple trees,kiwis,pomegranates,lemons & litchis) & my share of failure but it’s all part of the game.
      The consolation is that next time you’ll have more knowledge hence more success!
      Thanks for visiting liking & commenting it’s very much appreciated 🙂

  2. I purchased one of these plants in a Grand Union store 22 years ago and it’s been thriving ever since. Clip the stamen and drop them in the soil to grow new baby. Fed them with Miracle Grow Blossom food and now I have 4 flowers at once! Thank you for the supurb photos and the etymology
    Jeanne Poland, who knows the value of daily nurturing!.

  3. Another Gem.. We always called these ‘Sail plants’ as the flower reminds us of a Sail.. 🙂 lovely photos.. 🙂

  4. simply magnifique… congrats! cheers, Mélanie

  5. vera ersilia

    I love the ‘spatis’ – I have one but its flowers are smaller and skinnier. Yours is a beauty as are the photos.

  6. beautiful photos and plant! Thanks for visiting my blog. Brad


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