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Have I been cloned

Are you following me ©copyright2014owpp

Are you following me

This shot came as a surprise, it was only after I had taken it that I noticed the remarkable resemblance between the three so, I’m posting this to gratify the day with a sparkle of humor 🙂


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A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. A wonderful photo, and yes all remarkably the same… 🙂 … Enjoy your day OAWPP and may it always be filled with Humour.. xox

  2. Brilliant! A great image!

  3. vera ersilia

    Great photo. It illustrates very well what the Horse Whisperer says in his book. Horse are followers.

    • I didn’t know they were, I did hear that they can’t stay alone in a field (you will always see them by two) as they are animal of company, apparently they could die of solitude, true or false I have no idea I just find them a very soulful animal & can relate to them.
      They are very receptive when you talk to them depending on the tone you use.
      Thanks you for commenting 🙂

  4. Its their high level of intelligence and they are not alone its why horses move in herds….they have each other. Wild horses….can’t be taken away. its their freedom, its where they belong.

    • I am happy to hear you mention their intelligence because even though I hadn’t read about it that was my firm conviction!
      Actually they might be originally a wild breed but they were in this case unfortunately, in an enclosed field.
      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate 🙂

  5. They may be Norwegian Fjord horses. They are short and stocky, dun colored, with an eel stripe down there back.


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