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The doors of possibilities… Woodwork sophistication

Carved beauty ©copyright2014owpp

Carved beauty

Doors are openings to hope & possibilities…
This example struck me by its sophisticated
& intricate woodwork
offering unlimited promise to effort & talent.

With this I’ll wish you a very good weekend!

I’ll be taking a pause of about ten days
& do my best to like & comment
as much as possible 🙂


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. a beautiful carved door.. Don’t you just love to touch wood.. The reason being its essence of life is still embedded within it… This door is still alive! 😉

  2. I carve chess pieces(Viking/Celtic warriors) 4 inches tall or so from cherry and walnut. People would be astonished how much time it takes to produce something like the door.

  3. This is art curving.Wooooooooooow so beautiful.

  4. What fabulous doors! A work of art exuding the warmth and comfort of wood.


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