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This tree is the closest to being human

I'm watching you! 漏copyright2014owpp

I’m watching you!

With not too much imagination
You see what they can see 馃檪


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Oh wow freaky great picture however

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  2. I’m winking in approval

  3. Great photo! now I’ll have to examine all trees I see to find a similar eye…

    • It would be nice to look for the detail as a distraction…you’ve given me the idea to do it myself 馃檪
      This one happened in the split of a second…one second of unexpected awareness & then, it was gone & I was off shooting the regular stuff…you could call this sheer coincidence!

  4. PS: I already have a few pictures of of ‘tree eyes’ but none as grand as this image.

  5. This one made me smile, Trees can form into some weird and wonderful shapes.. 馃檪

    • I like when people tell me a photo makes them smile it’s maybe one of the highest compliment, life is made of smiles & happiness 馃檪

      • Well all your posts were pleasing, and I so enjoyed my catch up today 馃檪 THANK YOU!

      • You greet me with very kind & generous words!
        Thank YOU for all these delightful comments I know how time consuming it can be & that’s the reason I intersperse mine with breaks 馃檪

      • Like wise… Life has also to be lived, and with working unsociable hours I came home from starting working yesterday at 3pm and got home at 8am today.. as my job includes over night stays.. So as Yet I am winding down, even though its 2-33pm here, But then I shall be quite again as I pester some other kind blogging friend as I retrace their posts 馃檪
        You will also find when the Sun shines, I will be out and not behind the PC as much… SO I hope you do not think I am neglecting you… 馃檪 Your posts are always a delight to read.. as are your photos to view xox Hugs and enjoy a wonderful weekend my friend .. Sue

      • You will never be pestering no one at least not me I always enjoy very much your comments.
        Wishing you a very good weekend to you too 馃檪

      • Bless you, and thank you Hugs Sue

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