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Odyssey finally finished!

Odyssey is finally finished! ©copyright2014owpp

Odyssey is finally finished!

Having restored the photos back in this blog I decided to take back the painting neglected (for a year+) to writing. I’m really happy to show off today the results of what I had started in 2012!! ( under post “Odyssey”) I’ll include photos from the 1st sketch onward.

This painting was based on a picture I saw & fell in love with…the clean lines, nuances of black, blue, white & the panoramic-like view.
I added my own interpretation, it’s one of a collection I started with Trek evolution, see…

In the future a few will be following in that Theme.

The four men represent us on our life journey (notice the lines on their back expressing laps of time) the 1st is bent & struggling under the weight of a big question mark the 2nd is slightly straighter with a smaller one in front of him, the 3rd is already much straighter with a tiny question at his feet & the fourth has none, stands straight, there’s light shining from the moon, no more questions…

All is flat peaceful & serene.

Close up ©copyright2014owpp

Close up

1st sketch ©copyright2014owpp

1st sketch

1st layer ©copyright2014owpp

1st layer

1st layer completed ©copyright2014owpp

1st layer completed

Advancing project... ©copyright2014owpp

Advancing project…


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  1. Catherine Johnson


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  3. You are very talented, just go on.

  4. Wow you are so so talented OAWPP… and love the picture and your explanation of its creation… Brilliant art work .. Hugs Sue xox

  5. Woooow… I love everything about it… The question mark is so important here, why can’t we get rid of him earlier? – That is the question haha

    • That was my own question 😉 kidding aside… Yes I seriously did ask myself precisely that & discovered with life passing by, that it is all a process (a philosophy if you want) which we have to slowly absorb in order to appreciate its true value.
      We search, try, fall & get up again & again until there is actually light showing at the end… in the midst of it all do we understand & let serenity seep in …
      That is at least my way, some I think, succeed to take the highway & arrive quicker there than the scenic route I seem to be doomed to take but, no regrets… I feel I absorb it all the more 🙂
      I am impressed that a person of such a young age would ask questions as deep…
      Thanks for taking an interest.

  6. I really love this piece!

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