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Is it only up to us?



We are constantly being told that suffering is an essential component to self-growth, I beg to differ. I’d rather see suffering as optional.
Bingeing which used to be a source of grief, uncertainty & tremendous despair is today, to my latest discovery, part of a project, the germination of… a bit like a disheveled, disconnected & chaotic building-site that takes a turn for the better three quarters of the way, revealing the beauty of careful planning, the scrutiny of detail, the hard earned result of love… perfection & poetry in curves & colors.
Even though I’d rather sail on a pink cloud throughout I envision my “phase” as part of a scheme… a fraction of the perfection about to be.
What we can be sure about is that challenges are transitory & if we realize it is to take us to where the sun shines we might worry less on the way.
Trying to understand the bigger picture has loosened the knots & brought peace when least expected.
Bryant H. McGill says, “Abundance is a process of letting go. That which is empty can receive”.
Letting go of my food for me is the answer to inviting after many years of struggle, abundance & quality in my life.
The question is, when/will it happen & is it only up to me?
That remains to be seen…

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A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Lovely. A beautiful poignant wisp in my day 🙂

  2. It is amazing how connected we all are. This post is similar to the one I wrote yesterday, the essence. Being honest with oneself is the first step, I think, to letting go. It is part of our journey of discovery. And I agree with you, suffering is a choice, just like happiness. Have a wonderful week!! thanks for sharing! 😀 ❤

  3. Thanks for sharing, it’s a good post – choices.

  4. Hello
    Yesterday you liked 7 of my posts at and I fell in love with “JeTeDisTout” and your versatile blog and comment replies. In the replies I learned about copyright, how to access UTube, how prolific you are, how you apply anonymity to your blog, and successfully combine writing, research, photography, and painting in your creations.
    I have been applying the principles of OA for these last 40 years. Can you tell from my posts?
    So delighted to find your work on my 73rd Birthday! Big Treat!
    Jeanne Poland

    • I would have never guessed you were an OA er & surely not that long but it’s nice to find a follower, I’ll have to browse through once more…
      “Je te dis tout” is very close to my heart & one of my favorites too!
      It is a very good feeling to receive such a heartwarming & appreciative comment, it’s well worth the long hours & energy invested 🙂
      I was a total novice when I started this blog a year & five months ago and learnt everything moment by moment, I still remember the overwhelming feeling at each new task required for the upkeep of my blog…even the language bloggers used when kindly giving me advice I so longed for seemed like Chinese to my ears so, I’m so glad you benefited from this information without struggling too much, I feel it was all to a purpose and I’m grateful for that 🙂
      Thanks again for sharing your impressions so generously through this comment!


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