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That one chance we have at living… (climbing the stairs of our life)

Climbing my way up... ©copyright2014owpp

Climbing my way up…

I always thought my happiness was dependent on a disciplined life and misery on a chaotic food plan.

I believed my behavior was the culprit of my inner-hell.

But a few weeks of frantic bingeing triggered off by some stone in the way of my life made me realize that yes, a clean organic measured food plan contributes to a clear mind, a certain level of stability, an awareness and ability of absorbing the NOW fully but it is not responsible for life and the realities surrounding it.
It does not answer for your reactions towards it and it is surely not the coordinator of your inner.

The inner is your sacred place, you are the only one owning it, it is the birthplace of bliss that you will help grow, the stillness that you will lovingly water and observe carefully as each leaf appears, each twig added, it is you that makes it happen, it is where it all begins…

As you nourish it, its heartbeat will get stronger, it will take all the place, pulsate and vibrate, let itself be cradled in the niche of your soul.

An amazing blogger told me not too long ago “that whatever I do toward my food does not change my true self” which I understood to be my soul.

Its health is dependent on my choices, true (whether I nourish that bliss and stillness or not) but it will never change size 😉 nor betray me in any other way. It is intact, unblemished and most importantly it is and will always be what defines me.

True peace and happiness is WITHIN independent of exterior consequences. One can be a total living misery with complete abstinence. Mind-torture is a frame, a free lodger, a habit gone wrong, it is especially badly-wired energy. Our choices are to direct it.

The way is not simple but it is easy as long as we are determined to make a difference in this ONE chance we have at LIVING.


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  1. I am pleased that you are seeing and embracing that INNER YOU and its what you feel about You inside not what you necessarily put inside your body that becomes You.. Although living on healthier foods contributes to feeling better…
    I have taken to eating more raw foods lately, I just seem to crave fruits and I am munching on celery and making beetroot juice to have in a morning…
    Keep climbing the stairs… xxx Sue

    • Every moment is another stage in life & I feel a perpetual student. I am glad I was gifted with curiosity & thirst to learn which makes my experiences all the more easier.
      From the second we are born we hop on a wheel that never stops…
      It takes me every time by surprise how much things change every instant, how flexible we have to be in order to adapt & how much we learn in the process of it all.
      This essay was written the same day it was posted in twenty minutes in a blessed moment of clarity. I don’t know what’ll happen next but I do know that writing it down gives me the opportunity to absorb it.
      We are all sitting on the school-benches of life, no one can boast having escaped it & that’s what makes it so enriching 😉
      Wow! You really are going all the way with healthy eating, you have all my respect!
      Thanks for always being there with much needed encouragement & positive feedback 🙂

  2. I cannot tell you how much I am blessed to read these words at this moment. I am almost in tears over my skin. The doctor can’t see me (again) for 6 days (she’s booked). I tell her my skin in now bleeding. The girl on the phone says to go to the ER. Are you kidding me!! All I could think to do was to ask the Universe for Grace, for Clarity on what to do next. Then … I see this post which I have postponed reading. Thank Goddess. You sing to my heart. You remind me I am whole. I am beautiful. I am loved. I am complete no matter what my eyes see. I am not my body. Now I am crying. I feel like you climbed into my heart and told me, assured me, it will be okay. It is okay. How did I get so fortunate to find you. A blessing. I will sit and be quiet with Creator and come to my next step in the plan. Lots and lots of love. Me

    • I am very sorry to hear about your health issues but deeply touched my words reached you in such a beautiful way!
      When I hear people are having health issues the first thought that pops into my mind is to help them out with the knowledge and experience I got curing my troubles with Macrobiotics. It is essentially clearing out your body with clean wholesome food.

      I truly hope you’ll be guided towards a method that’ll suit you and be the answer to your problem.
      I know that whenever I deviate from my food plan I get serious skin problems and wonder if you shouldn’t get an allergy-check or any test that’ll lead to a diagnosis that’ll then facilitate and allow you to seek an adequate treatment.
      I believe that we have a two-way-help system going on here 😉
      You helped me not too long ago as I mentioned in my post and now you say I reciprocated not long after unintentionally. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I don’t know if everybody will agree with me but I believe we are all linked one way or another and I’d like to think we use this gift for making the world a better place for us and the generations to come.
      Meanwhile I am blessed to have found such a kind and wholehearted person as you are for a blogger-friend and wish you with all my heart an easy and speedy recovery.
      If you’d like to explore on Youtube Macrobiotics you can have fun typing it with the name of its founder of the Boston institution (U.s) who is Michio Kushi. They’ve filmed yearly conventions which I’m dreaming of attending one day 🙂
      All the best of luck to you for a healthy future!


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