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Teachers TV- The Montessori Method

Having had such a warm response concerning my post broaching the subject of main stream education versus home-schooling in and being introduced to the Montessori Method by I thought you might enjoy this video which goes from its origins to today which is very informative for the ones who are still new to it as I.

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Published on Dec 5, 2012
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An examination of the Montessori method of teaching.
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  1. I was reading Maria Montessori’s books when I was in high school; well worth it, even today. She inspired me so much; I went into education at uni, then was totally shut down by teachers who weren’t open to even a discussion of her methods. Montessori’s methods are so effective. One thing that impressed me; she wasn’t working with rich kids; her pupils were from the poorest strata in Italy. She did what everyone said couldn’t be done . . . ~ Linne

    • Thanks for this very nice feedback on the subject!
      I enjoy reading everyone’s past or present experience toward it…
      It is indeed a point worth mentioning… her work starting in the poor section, she is a lady of tremendous values, the fact that she dedicated her life to an ideology she believed would shape, bring happiness & fulfillment to children is beyond words.
      Definitely someone to admire 🙂

  2. I’ve enjoyed your posts and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Rules for the award can be found at:


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