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Please watch this video ! It is beautiful . Might just make you cry…

This is such a tender video I couldn’t resist… The dog has this wise rare human quality which melts your heart. The compassion is tangible throughout, who would have thought a dog could feel so strongly it shows in all his demeanor?

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Published on Jan 18, 2013
restoring faith in humanity video 🙂

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  1. Animals feel and know what many humans completely overlook…

    • That is so true! In some cases with some animals, not all are gifted with the potentials of communication but when it does happen (at least when it’s clear to our own eyes & familiar to our body language) it’s sheer pleasure in the discovery & miracle of all living forms on our planet in its total splendor!

  2. One very compassionate, loving dog. A lot of soul. He and that little boy will be great playmates. The little boy does feel the love.

  3. Awww I saw this one before and It DID make me cry, working with Down Syndrome adults within my job over the years.. I know that they and animals have an affinity with each other…. Lovely , thank you for the share… 🙂

    • You really did? Wow! You need a lot of emotional health & strength to do it without breaking, that’s very courageous!
      I cried too the first time it chokes you up without wanting…
      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • I am a support worker, and for 7 yrs looked after adults with learning difficulties, including Autism Severe learning difficulties from birth, and other mental health issues, I now work more with Mental Health and yes it can be draining but very rewarding x thats why sometimes I need breaks as I work long hours some times, and just need some space where my head can chill out and relax as its been very stressful these last few months with challenging behaviours..I do Lone working one on one,.. Which has been very intense lately hence my absence on and off.. 🙂

      • And how do you manage to blog with all that? Here comes superwoman! Plus the gardening, my gosh!
        Now I understand why you take time off to regenerate your batteries…

      • No not superwoman, lol Time how ever is never enough, as I am always in catch up mode here on WP, and while hubby watches a TV film etc I relax here… 🙂 But I try to balance it, as we have TV and PC free evenings LOL.. where I like to just listen to music, meditate and chill out doing absolutely nothing!… 🙂

      • Well, doing nothing is brilliant too, if anybody deserves it it’s you 🙂

      • Awww, thank you OAWPP . 🙂 xxxx That means a lot xx

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