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Evolution’s trek (painting finally finished!)

Evolution trek in the making ©copyright2013owpp

Evolution trek in the making

This painting was started in 2012 which I am relieved to say I have finished! I am very proud of it for the very reason that it was my work and idea from scratch.

The screws are life’s question marks, we are full of them… we are born with two principal ones. Will I get enough food and will I get enough sleep and as we go further we accumulate the questioning (which along the way gets smaller because answered through searching in life’s trek, the smaller ones get sometimes linked or shaped in hearts) it eventually gets fewer, sparser, lighter which is why I put in round natural stones representing bubbles… the airiness, the wellbeing one experiences with aging and serenity.
At the extreme corner there are no more questions, no bubbles (bubbles are to underline the contrast, the presence of… the other extreme) I wanted the purity of the white canvas to speak for a million words and represent the plenitude one feels with maturity and age.
The splashes of satin paint are faithful to Jackson Pollock’s methods which I’m very much pulled toward and represents the life force and energy.
I am including photos of the work process until its final stage.

Wishing you a lovely week 🙂

The sketch ©copyright2013owpp

The sketch

The work ©copyright2013owpp

The work

The material ©copyright2013owpp

The material

Evolution's trek finished! ©copyright2013owpp

Evolution’s trek finished!

Painting finished different angle ©copyright2013owpp

Painting finished different angle



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  1. I like this very much! A great way of presenting the concept. I didn’t care for Pollock’s work when it first came out, but at that time I’d only seen reproductions in magazines. After I saw the film ‘Pollock’, I understood what he was doing and why the copy-cats still don’t appeal to me. Your painting, seems to me, is faithful to his approach; not just dripping paint, but illustrating a concept. Thanks. ~ Linne

    • Same here! I only started to understand & appreciate his work through his biography on You Tube.
      Thank you so much for this kind comment and huge compliment when you wrote
      ” Your painting, seems to me, is faithful to his approach; not just dripping paint, but illustrating a concept.”
      I was deeply touched. It seemed through those words that the message of this painting got through at least to you at this present moment which means a lot 🙂

  2. I like your painting style. Respect!

  3. Your message got through to me too. I was just going to say what an interesting way to represent a concept in a painting. You’re right about questions getting smaller and fewer as we age. Beautiful work of art!

    • Your comment touches me… I am truly grateful to having finally been able to do such a thing. I always knew that in art one needs at least twenty years of practice to start living off it, I am busy with it around seven and it’s apparently slowly starting to pierce through & to show.

  4. This is meaningful art. Very touching and expressive. looking forwards to seeing more of your work

  5. Congratulations – wonderful result!

  6. I love the painting – beautiful textures and composition.

  7. Love your painting!


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