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Byron Katie Oprah Soul Series Interview part 1 of 3 (all three posted here)

Having been lately down the weather from not exactly the most positive news I looked up for a moral boost on You Tube from one of my favorites… Byron Katie and found this most profound, simple and enlightening short series with Oprah I couldn’t resist posting in order to share her life wisdom with all of you.

According to her philosophy life can be simple and as crystal clear as spring water if only we guide our thoughts accordingly. Let me know if it lifted your spirits as much as it did mine.
Have a lovely weekend!

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Byron Katie Oprah Soul Series Interview part 2 of 3

Byron Katie Oprah Soul Series Interview part 3 of 3

Published on Jun 17, 2013
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  1. Sorry to hear you were in need of some upliftment recently, I have saved to watch later on my listings.. As I am running around WP as usual lol.. Enjoy your weekend and will look forward to viewing next week when i have some chill out me time 🙂

    • Appreciate your sympathy:) It takes me a while to get out of the worrying mode… I tend to think I can & should control it all… try to plan stacking food in cupboards in case of radiation but it’s expensive, so how much can we & what is REALLY in our hands?
      If we truly are in such a danger it could last 300yrs, I surely can’t stack for that long, I then understand the ridicule of it all, relax, do what I can & climb out of my hole, back to the realities of living fully in the moment but I need the time to digest & absorb…
      I guess I always take the scenic route 😉
      Thanks for commiserating, have a lovely weekend!

      • I guess OWPP we each worry, we would not be human otherwise.. I have around a months worth of food if needs ever must.. perhaps a couple of weeks worth of water.. And if the world were to go haywire, we would be in the same boat.. I now see I think more than ever that what will be will be.. and if for what ever reason my time is up, then it was simply my time.. So I try not to worry over it.. for while we are worrying we forget to enjoy and live in the now moments, and so life passes us by as we worry over yesterday and tomorrow… We should be as children living In the moment,..
        And what ever happens,, I know I am a Being of Light.. and we are eternal beings, transforming from this human form into our true selves… So smile be happy and know nothing can kill the REAL us off… 🙂
        Special Hugs
        Sue xoxoxox

      • You are a truly good person, to answer back so promptly with a strong pep talk that is really kind & sweet, that’s the way I usually am but it’s not so much for myself that I worry as for my children & grandchildren they are the younger generation we are leaving the planet to…
        Yes, we cannot control a whole lot, I understand clearly there’s a strong message going on here and as much as I know its meaning I keep getting reminders 🙂

      • Yes I know I too have children and a grandchild, and its they that will have to pick up the pieces of the mess we leave behind… Do you not see though within your own grandchildren how strong willed they are, how bright and how independent they are also.. They are going to have to have true grit in the future..
        But I also know my friend we come to earth knowing full well on our lifes plan.. and although when we are born we get amnesia, I know they chose to be born on earth within their families of choice at this time.. So I truly believe our world even though I see it perhaps getting worse before it can get better, I know our future is in good hands.. For our Children,they are our future… xx

      • What a speech! YOU should be the one on the front page! You have such a positive attitude it is energizing… You are so right, I always said the kids of today develop so much earlier than we did.
        It is true as well that in many a situation things get worse before getting better, it is something I have systematically seen in life’s journey. So, you give me many reason to believe good is in store for our future that I can’t resist 😉
        Thanks for that boost, I truly appreciate!

  2. Thought provoking. We have more power than we know.

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing these lovely videos. She is an amazing women who can definitely inspire, just as you did for sharing them with us! Blessings.


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