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Lighten the world with your happiness

smile quote

quote on jealousy

Two very wise quotes which I hope will inspire you to stay happy under all circumstances 🙂

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  1. beware of is a fire that can make less people envious of making them attain what you are gifted with.

    • Beautiful & wise advice! I have grown up with a French wise adage too, saying “Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés” meaning ” to live happily, live hidden” encouraging us to keep a low profile… it is always, in my experience at least, the happier & peaceful solution. I find that being constantly busy with socializing might be entertaining for a while but saps out the energy in the long run and leaves us with nothing much to work with…
      You are right, generosity toward another is a noble trait. I always wanted to share my knowledge & experience acquired in life with the ones around me but it fell on deaf ears so I learned to let people come if they wanted it & they do!
      Blogging is a beautiful way to do it without imposing…
      I thank you for this feedback! It’s much appreciated 🙂

  2. Great quote on jealousy.

  3. No 1 … so hard at times.

    • It is indeed! That is why this quote inspired me in its simplicity & authenticity. Wow, I thought…it is as simple as that but not always easy to remember when the world seems bleak yet it seemed this would be a good reminder to keep a right perspective.
      Thanks for this feedback I always enjoy understanding the reactions of my readers toward a post of mine, it is encouraging…


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