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If time counted no more

If time counted no more... ©copyright2013owpp

If time counted no more…

If time counted no more I would start afresh
Question my hard earned complacency
Run away from concreted indifference

Live horizons to starry nights
Listen nature’s whisper
Witness day’s promises
Keep company to storms
And rainbows, capture
Forever changing palettes…

Have I misinterpreted wisdom
And blown out the flame
That keeps hope warm
Motivates dawn’s birth
Ignites the sparks
Slaps life out of its torpor?

If time counted no more I would breathe
I would dance I would laugh
As if no tomorrow, no today mattered


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Excellent writing here!

  2. Lovely, lets all start the Dance right now and change TIME! 🙂 xxxx

    • You made me smile there 🙂
      Having said that… I don’t think it’s a bad idea, we just have to figure which dance it is that will open us to that possibility 😉

      • Its easy really, we have just so forgotten how to enjoy the now.. as we worry so much about the past and the future.. We need only laugh at ourselves, smile, and know we are Eternal Beings! and embrace LIFE and LOVE Living… 🙂 xxx

      • Well, with the Fukushima nuclear plant as headlines it’s the first time in years I’ve lost my sleep planning & worrying what to do in case some two rods explodes & radiates what they said the whole northern hemisphere obligating us to or flee in the south as Australia as an option which we can’t afford or fill the house with enough food to last plus supplements to protect our body of the side effects from Cesium 137 & 134 If I remember correctly.
        You see, I’ve got nearly all the facts to the last detail. I was busy enough to get myself all worked up but our character type finds solace in knowing where we stand in order to know how to proceed. Some prefer not to know, not to plan, live the moment and behave accordingly when needed which is easier but I have always taken the harder way which might be easier after but not before.
        You see why I forgot to dance and laugh lately 😉
        Nevertheless your words are pearls of wisdom… laughing at ourselves is indeed the greatest cure of all it makes us see how stupid we can be in moments of crisis!

      • You may not have read my latest post then, it may help ease you if you see you are not the only one with concerns and I hope you can send your thoughts there of love not fear and follow some of the advice upon my page 🙂

      • We do tend to focus on ourselves, we were probably given that as a quality rather than a default as to protect our closest in a time of need but yes, I have been sending positive thoughts out there it is after all a global concern. I have not received your last post which make me think that maybe all my likes don’t register either which I hope not. I’ll check it now, thanks!

  3. If there was a BEYOND Like button, I would click it.
    “Have I misinterpreted wisdom” … favorite thought of the day. Might be my mantra for the day too. This is BEAUTIFUL. TY


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