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The slip

Sane paradise ©copyright2013owpp

Sane paradise

It happens, but after a whole year of peaceful food plan it took me by surprise…again.

Life is made of continual adjustments. Visualize a ballet dancer performing on the rooftop of a moving train, will she/he succeed in providing a flawless performance? No. There are bound to be hiccups.

Well, that is just how I felt as I decided to ban fish from my plate. Never used in excess, nevertheless an important protein I was very fond of.

Being a vegan for twenty five years, I have tried in the past to eliminate all “living” foods but could not muster the needed energy to function on a daily basis so, fish became the exception.

Amidst this blissful quietude came the news (see my last post) shaking my now rooted sane habits of a happy normal life, questioning my profound beliefs in substantial foods.

Those are the vibrations I sensed in the soles of my feet, throwing me off balance and bringing skeletons out…the ones so far back in the closet, belonging to a forgotten past, dislocated from a happy present, so strange to my blessed moments, never dreaming it would ever come in to say Hi, how are you, long time no see…

There was no dread, just numbness. I could not recall the despair felt in the past which should have given me the strength to say…Never again! With all the force needed for mettle and slipped for a few days in a stupor classically brought on by overeating.

My answer as always was my pen, the vortex draining my mind from thoughts circumnavigating to no end and leafing through my long forgotten attempts at writing essays on the subject as a jolt to my dazed condition…awakening me to realization.

Through the reading I plunged into a world that did not belong to me anymore, I was scouring through the life of a stranger, the field was so unfamiliar I wondered how my followers took the time to read through the rambling desperation having the kindness to even comment and like .

At the time the confusion, the pain felt very real, the blog becoming my only instrument of relief, allowing me to publish my unpolished thoughts and accept it for what it was, silently begging forgiveness from my readers and gratefully accepting the generosity of their patience.

A place I would rather keep far away and swap for subjects of art close to my heart. Today.

Today ©copyright2013owpp



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A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Is this all you are eating today? I couldn’t do it – my body tells me when it needs nourishment and energy derived from good quality foods. Tell me you are having more than this ~

    • No, that’s one meal of the three in the day which is plenty. I feel happy & alive that way, whenever I have “slips” my passion for writing, painting evaporates…the energy left goes to trying to cope with what takes control of my life…overeating.
      Thanks for taking an interest & commenting 🙂

  2. I know the feeling. My husband and I try to eat a Mediterranean diet. Lots of veggies, chicken, fish and pasta. We rarely eat red meat. I feel that we’re healthier as a result. Best wishes on your chosen path. 🙂

  3. I was a vegetarian for several years but like you found something lacking and I felt ill, even though I had vitamin supplements.. So eat fish, however in light of the pollution as I buy in bulk from our local Grimsby docks Fisheries I’m thinking of taking Fish off the menu .. My daughter is a veggie and has been for years so I know I will get good nutrition advice this time around as she Manages a Health Food Store.. 😉

    • You lucky thing! Wow, it’s a dream to have someone that close in the profession 🙂
      I don’t know if this info will be of any help but I replaced the protein by all organic foods such as chickpeas,tofu,tempeh,red lentils,nato (fermented soya beans) seitan (made of gluten of wheat flour) aduki beans and regular white kidney beans but I’m sure I’ve still missed out some I don’t know about. Good luck to you!


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