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Taking on yourself too much

This morning I woke up with a feeling of dread knowing I finally had to face the daunting task of restoring 400 posts with each one containing one to eleven photos!
I kept talking myself into taking it by category or even by post so as not to get discouraged & procrastinate as a result…
I finally grabbed the sliver of courage I had by some miracle, held fast on to it and started tackling the last few posts of the poetry category & decided to go on working (for how long it takes) until it’s completed.
Then I decided that if 99% of the photos have vanished I might as well start from scratch & bring down the pixels to all of them & just maybe I will have saved myself the trouble to have to create a new oawritingspoemspaintings2!There is a silver lining after all πŸ™‚

So, I cleaned up my media once again (!) to start afresh. All in all I was busy six hours on the blog & decided (when my head felt squeezed in a vise) to stop after giving you an update.

I’ll try my best to go on liking but if I don’t manage due to the long hours of work on this blog, my sincere apologies to all my supportive & faithful followers πŸ™‚
I consider this as the Resurrection of my blog and its rebirth will be thanks to your patience. Once again a big thank you to you all!


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Catherine Johnson

    Poor you!

  2. i know the feeling..something similar happen to me too, one day all the drafts and past post are just gone!
    anyways, you are almost there.. keep up the hard work and all the best!

  3. What happened?

    • You missed out the few posts before which explains the huge crisis I was in but with a lot of work, will & a whole load of patience I can restore it.
      I’ll do it even if it takes months, I’m determined to rescue my blog, I’ve invested more than a year of my life on it & I’m not ready to give up πŸ™‚
      Thanks for your support!

  4. Thank you to continue doing your blog. I likeit so much.

  5. That’s terrible! But be wary of copyrighted photos, I’ve heard that quite a few bloggers got sued over those. All the best.

  6. Thank-you for putting in that time and don’t feel an obligation to it.. you can always start fresh and incorporate photos again into new posts πŸ™‚

    • I know I can but I feel it’s such a waste for the past work, I’m going to take it day by day & see where it leads me…It’s a slow process, I embarked on the poetry category and have restored quite a few but I have to say in a year there’s been quite an accumulation…
      I appreciate your concern & kind comment πŸ™‚

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you are having this problem. 😦


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