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Easy Party recipe (Part 2) Multi-purpose EASIEST 100% natural dough recipe!

Marble cake ©copyright2013owpp

Marble cake

Do you remember when I posted quite a while back this brilliant dough recipe where it can be used for practically anything? From chocolate, raisins, poppy-seeds, lemon, coffee, carrot, almond or English fruit cake… anything your heart desires! All needed is to stamp it with your own creativity 🙂
It is sugar-egg-coloring-additive-free & as usual with extra virgin olive oil & 80% wholemeal spelt flour but you can change it to un-natural if you prefer.
I had then posted my dried fruit version in a cake & muffins possibility, now I’m introducing to you the photos of the marble, chocolate & raisins ones but as I’d baked it the same day & didn’t have time to let it cool down and be refrigerated, they crumbled a bit so, my apologies for that!

For the flavors I put a little in, eg. cocoa & give it for someone to taste & add more if necessary.

English fruit cake ©copyright2013owpp

English fruit cake

Marble loaf ©copyright2013owpp

Marble loaf

Chocolate cake  ©copyright2013owpp

Chocolate cake

Marble cake slices ©copyright2013owpp

Marble cake slices


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  1. I checked out your recipe and although it is health and all that you say, however I’m diabetic, and one cup of rice syrup to two+cups of flour is very sweet. Any suggestions? Claudia….just saying

    • I am asthmatic & therefore keeping a rigid macrobiotic whole grain food plan so, this doesn’t come in the equation either 🙂
      (Even though I enjoy thoroughly baking for family parties & occasions.)
      I did invite once a diabetic thinking rice syrup would be fine for him but he told me it wasn’t. I’d love to help you out on this one… hum… maybe we could replace the syrup with banana or apple sauce? Would that be worth the try & OK for a diabetic?
      If not then, I have the apple pie dough recipe which has no syrup at all & put the fruits you are allowed in it?
      Let me know if that was of any help to you 🙂


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