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Flying high… or diving… seagulls are never dull!

I am the king! ©copyright2013owpp

I am the king!

The seagull is never dull
It flies high or dives
steeply spreading wide
Its wings…looking
Groomed and all neat
In its pedicured feet
Takes a stroll on the beach
Or watches from its tower
Diligently counting and
Recounting those who might have
Gone missing, falling asleep,
Roasting too deep… 🙂

Flying high ©copyright2013owpp

Flying high

Gliding along sand lines ©copyright2013owpp

Gliding along sand lines

I said come here right now! ©copyright2013owpp

I said come here right now!

Seagull's holidays ©copyright2013owpp

Seagull’s holidays

Don't you dare! ©copyright2013owpp

Don’t you dare!

"kids play" ©copyright2013owpp

“kids play”

Now I have a perfect view ©copyright2013owpp

Now I have a perfect view

I am always right ©copyright2013owpp

I am always right

I am proud of my pedicure! ©copyright2013owpp

I am proud of my pedicure!

Hum...let's see...105,106,107... ©copyright2013owpp

Hum…let’s see…105,106,107…

Love birds blending with the sky ©copyright2013owpp

Love birds blending with the sky

Glowing in the sunset ©copyright2013owpp

Glowing in the sunset

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A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Loved your poem, Yes they are King lol especially when mop handed they swoop to steal your dinner lol But I always love them and especially their eyes…
    You have captured them so well here in your photos and within your poem,,,,
    Looked a great place to be perched both from a seagulls point of view and the one behind the lens of the camera 😀 xxxx

    • MOB handed, that should be, lol, though I have at times wished I had a Mop handy lol as they leave their droppings… usually all over the car 🙂

      • I know that’s what people tell me… good job I didn’t see that! Wouldn’t have made a very nice poem 🙂

      • 🙂 🙂 haha….. well it would have been different to say the least LOL… you have a wonderful talent for your poetry…. and apologies I don’t get around as often as I should… xxx

      • I appreciate your encouragement, it gives me the incentive to go on… but you, don’t change your ways for me, the way you manage your blog is perfect.
        We need time to manage our lives too, the blog can swallow it up if we are not too careful.

      • Yes that is so true, I try to limit myself, thats why it takes me ages to get around peoples blogs, then I fret thinking they think I have forgotten them, but I have visitors that come and go, and over the years I have learnt to put self first sometimes 🙂 Life is too short, and this Summer has been too good to miss, that along with helping my hubby in the garden…
        Good chatting with you today owpp 🙂 xxxx

      • I know, I still have a hard time directing my energy to painting, writing and my family instead of working on the blog every day.
        When I took my break to focus on my kids for the holidays I had the impression everyone had forgotten about me too.
        But as you say what is first comes first and we just get one shot at life 😉
        Summer is indeed a precious moment to spend together.
        Enjoyed the chat too, have a lovely (if possible) warm weekend!

    • Thanks! That’s so kind and generous! I appreciate the time you took to visit & comment.
      I didn’t have such an encounter as yours, they were on their best behavior for me 🙂
      It was indeed a good standpoint, that way we were closer to them flying over our heads and got a good opportunity for close ups.

  2. Great post – poem and photos! I especially loved those last few lines 😉

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    Your captions captured the moments perfectly!
    I so enjoyed walking on the beach with you…listening to pigeon s chattering !
    Thank you for sharing…
    Take Care…

  4. Des ailes qui nous font rêver , belles photos !

  5. What a great post! I love how “up close and personal” you were able to get with your seagull!

  6. These are the best sea gull photos I have ever seen – and here on the coast I see many! The captions are great too. Love the pedicure one. Do you sell your photos? I could see these at our local art center. I liked the poem too. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I hope your summer has been good.

    • Thanks ever so much for this delightfully positive feedback. I do sell my photos but I have no idea about which local art center you are referring to.
      I would welcome the idea. I appreciate your visit on my blog and your interest in my work 🙂
      Have a good week!


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