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Video:The Space We Need: An Introvert Wakes Up, Slows Down and Starts Living According to Her True Nature

I seem to find more & more posts I feel the need to reblog. This is one of them. A perfect five minutes to watch if you are part of the fifty percent of introverts and if you are not, you will understand the friends you have who are, even more 🙂


Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it. ~ Epictetus

Something new for space2live… a short film (5 minutes, it’s worth it).  A visual to enhance the many words spilled on the pages of this site. Through filmmaker, Nic Askew’s, beautiful lens the experience, rather than the explanation, of an introvert is captured and shared in a soul biography. You’ll feel the honesty and vulnerability.  Enjoy.

THE SPACE WE NEED from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

How did you like the visual message vs. a written one? Was there a part of the film that spoke to you?

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  1. Catherine Johnson


  2. Thank you for sharing my little film story.:) I am honored that you appreciate its message.
    I had a blissful time exploring your site. Lovely.

    • Oh! So it’s YOU! (I had not put two & two…) I feel ever more so honored and appreciative for your interest and new follow-ship (if one can call it so 🙂 ) Welcome to my blog.
      Your video is a true inspiration for many… it’s truthful, honest, real in a very noble way.
      Your work will bring light to those who are still confused… those who are still borrowing personalities oblivious to the damages and waste of time and life.
      And for those who have never pretended, it’ll simply bring them a sense of identification and ease with the no-concession-path they had taken so long ago which is full of ambushes. (one of them me)
      Thanks for it all 🙂

      • Yes, it’s me! 🙂 Perhaps I should change my gravatar to the film portrait?
        I admire your courage to escape the game and play your way. I didn’t gather the strength to be me until a few years ago.
        I appreciate your thoughtful, image-rich writing. Are you an INFJ by chance?

      • Your gravatar is perfect, I’m the one sometimes distracted 🙂
        Indeed, I chose the harder way, it can be lonely among other things… People around me say I have a strong character, maybe they are right, others might look up to me which I think is naive or wrong because they have mistaken who I really am but when you wrote INFJ I went HUGH?!
        I had never heard of that one before so, I looked it up and besides the being psychic which I’m not and other small details, I must be an easy 80 % INFJ according to that site.
        So, I’m glad you taught me something new 🙂

      • I’ve been exploring the INFJ personality type (which I am) in depth lately. One of the traits of an INFJ is an eloquent writing style. Your writing strikes me as eloquent, so I made the leap.;)

      • Eloquence is something I strive for as I admire those who have it and that’s the first thing I noticed from your video… I thought you were the introverts spokesman, nobody could have explained better to the public who we are 🙂

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