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Unique Film of Pierre-Auguste Renoir Painting (1919) Including two others of A.Rodin & C.Monet

I found this rare piece, a pure treasure from the blogger and couldn’t resist the urge to share it with all of you!
I added two other very short films of two monstrous artists… Auguste Rodin and Claude Monet
Enjoy it 🙂

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Published on 26 Aug 2013
Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Filmed Painting at Home (1919)

This is unique footage of the great Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919).

He is seen at home, working on a canvas.

I’m just astonished it exists – I never imagined I’d see film of him painting – you even get a sense of his method of applying the oil to the canvas.

Also present in this footage are Renoir’s youngest son Claude, 14, who stands by to arrange the palette and place the brush in his father’s hand, and Sacha Guitry, the man who made this film in 1915 and who appears midway through the film sitting down and talking with the artist.


Auguste Rodin – Filmed Sculpting in his Studio (1915)

Published on 26 Aug 2013
This is unique film of the father of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), working in his studio in Paris in 1915.

What is particularly interesting in the various pieces of footage is seeing — close up – the artist’s process with marble.

There are four segments of film:

[1] The artist walking up and down the steps of a monumental columned building, and inspecting the structure

[2] Rodin posing top-hatted in a garden

[3] The sculptor coming out of the then derelict C18 Hôtel Biron, which the artist used as his studio

[4] Rodin sculpting in his studio

Standard YouTube Licence

Claude Monet – Filmed Painting Outdoors (1915)

Published on 26 Aug 2013
This is unique film of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet (1840-1926), painting outdoors, ‘en plein air’, in his garden at Giverny.

The footage is in two segments.

Firstly we see the artist outdoors talking to a gentleman.

Then we see Monet painting a water lily-padded pond, a subject for which he is most famed.

Standard YouTube Licence


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  1. Catherine Johnson

    They were fabulous, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh! marvelous I love it……thank you

  3. I just saw the movie “Renoir”and highly recommend it of you get a chance.

  4. Thanks! These are fantastic. Not sure why you used the word ‘monstrous”, though . . .
    ~ Linne

    • mon·strous (mnstrs)
      1. Shockingly hideous or frightful.
      2. Exceptionally large; enormous: a monstrous tidal wave.
      3. Deviating greatly from the norm in appearance or structure; abnormal.
      4. Of or resembling a fabulous monster.

      Mine, is the third one 🙂
      Sometimes, someone or something is so big, huge, great… that one can just define or express them with another shocking, huge or very unusual word and activate the mind of the reader and that’s why monstrous slipped out from my mind… 🙂
      I am glad it had the effect intended and made you question.
      Thanks for taking your time to do it!

  5. So moving to watch Renoir overcoming the hideous misery of his terribly deformed arthritic hands. I hadn’t realised how bad they were until i saw this film… this was so illuminating.. to see an artist so tot… totally dedicated thank you..

    • This is a beautiful way to see it! That’s what I love about comments, each one will have another perspective.
      I had not noticed the arthritis until I went on Wikipedia to get a closer look on his personality after I saw it on the blogger’s post and they had mentioned it so, I looked closer.
      Thanks for the emphasis, for bringing it even more to light 🙂

  6. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Loved seeing these clips first thing this morning – great inspiration. Thank you!

  8. What a lovely way to start the day! Thank you, a bit late, for finding and posting these marvelous pieces. Renoir especially touches me and I’d not seen a live video of him painting whilst so crippled. A beautifully made little film as are they all.


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