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Our chickpeas experience



From cotton to earth
From small to tall
You got there first
Quicker than them all

This experience came out by accident. We soaked chick peas a bit too long and some of them started to sprout. So we just put them on soaked cotton wool to let them continue their process which turned out into a full swing project!

The rat race! ©copyright2013owpp

The rat race!

Climbing ahead of others ©copyright2013owpp

Climbing ahead of others


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  1. That’s interesting, who knew?

    • It’s an old trick my kids used to come back with from kindergarten but I had no intention of repeating it so soon before summer holidays, as I explained in my post, it just happened…
      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate your feedback:)

  2. ok … will try this. It seems simple enough for me and my girl. xox lisa

    • Some things just happen and they are the easiest. This was one of them. You have to put them in a small pot of earth not long after its sprout is a bit longer than the one in the photo then, transfer to a bigger pot once it’s long enough to go round a stick. Wishing you a easy and good result!
      I’m looking forwards to yours now 🙂

  3. Very creative that you penned a poem out of the experience!

  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I think I will have to try this with my grandkids….we’ve never grown chickpeas before…
    and I agree a wonderful poem to go with it
    Take Care…

  5. a wonderful experiment! I love the top image of them all sprouting on their soft warm bed!


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