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Jeff Smith — The effects of genetically modified foods

This is an amazing video I found from a blogger I follow. It has information I never was aware of, it brought the whole matter to light. Next time I’ll be shopping, I surely will make sure not to include GM foods in my basket 🙂
To see her post in full…

Uploaded on Feb 8, 2008
Over the last 20 years Jeff Smith has worked with over 30 scientists to collect all of the known health risks of genetically modified foods. Studies have produced thousands of sick, sterile and dead laboratory animals; thousands of people linking toxic and allergic type reactions to these foods and damage to virtually every system in the laboratory animals studied. Despite this alarming evidence 70% of the foods in our supermarkets have genetically modified organisms in them.
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  1. And yet, President Obama vetoed legislation that would have required labeling of GMO food products. I guess he figures we don’t really need to worry about such things.

    • My gosh! How can that be possible? I am not one that is really interested in politics as you can see from my blog but it’s important to bring awareness around. People should know what they put in their mouths. We have one life, we might as well take care of our health and live as clean a life as possible.

  2. Thank you so much for spreading the word…. You may also like to visit this website you will often find lots of up to date news on here about subjects that may interest you

    Thank you for sharing… Love and Blessings Sue

    • I checked the site but it seems very politically oriented and as you see, my blog is the total opposite 🙂
      I find politics very stressing & have absolutely no interest in it.
      I nevertheless believe in information so we can choose for ourselves what we put in our mouths, it should be in our possibility to have the liberty of choice.
      Thanks anyway for suggesting, I appreciate.

  3. Nice to see video, especially since I feel tempted to go back to old eating habits. Staying the course. xox

    • Oh, do I understand those times when the cravings run wild in our mind!
      The craving of wanting to be like “everyone” fooling ourselves in believing that it can’t harm us… it doesn’t harm all the others…
      But we get to a culmination point where the after effects are far worse than the short pleasures of satisfying our taste buds… that is when the shift has room to “happen” and we realize it is a place we never want to be again… and any time the cravings come, we just tell “it” we are just not visiting anymore.
      And it does get easier and easier to say it…
      All my best of luck to you, be strong you have it in you 🙂


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