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Breaking The Spirit Of The Elephant

I hardly ever re-blog but this post shocked me so much by it’s violence and cruelty that I made an exception. It was to my eyes all the more offensive by the fact that children were spectators and sometimes participating.
The basics of education is to install love, pity, kindness and compassion for all living creature.
Feel free to bring awareness around you to this predicament.

News For Animal Welfare

When showing this video to a friend, her reply to me was “How can people do that to an elephant?” Well the reality is tourists do this to these elephants, maybe not physically, but through their desire to experience such a majestic creature up close. The people who train these animals are driven solely by the money the tourist brings. If tourists stop paying, then these practices will cease to exist. If this video stops just one person from funding this practice, then it has done it’s job.

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  1. I can not bring myself to watch the video or the images will remain with me long after the film has stopped…. But thanking you for highlighting such cruelty..
    Its so hard to understand how we humans can be so cruel in nature and abuse others, children, adults, and our four-legged and wild-life..
    Makes me wonder what species we are becoming as it seems we desensitise ourselves as we are brought up in societies where cruelty seems to be part of the norm…

    I once watch a video of still photos of a young Asian type boy around aged 8 had been caught steeling,,. A group of men held him while they drove a four by four vehicle over his arm as a lesson not to steel again.. WHAT sort of People DO that!.. Words fail me.. as my heart grows ever sadder for this world we live in..

    Apologies for my adding that, but its not only animals we are so cruel to… We have such a long way to go in our progression…

    Much love..
    Sue xxx

    • I know, that’s exactly the way I feel, pictures linger well after… somehow, this time, I went through with it, was so shocked that I showed it to my whole family, which were as ignorant on the subject as I was, we had never known elephants had an issue with inflicted-by-human-cruelty, gorillas yes, dolphins, whales but not elephants.
      We do live in a harsh world sometimes but I try not to dwell, it’s too hard… I prefer to believe things are getting better if only we can inform, bring awareness & educate.
      Education is the root to all changes & possibilities… start when a baby is born & instill kindness, compassion & appreciation for everything surrounding us in this miraculous planet of ours, if only we’d see it…
      Thanks for your heartfelt, moving comment, it’s nice to be on the same wavelength.
      I did make the remark to my family when they mentioned what you did about human-cruelty -to-humans, that if humans can inflict on animals such pain & believe it’s o.k, the line to cross is very thin of human versus humans.

  2. I didn’t have the courage to watch the video I had seen a documentary on this issue that had me terrified, so defenceless beings … How do you do them harm?
    This dividing line between good and evil divides the right and freedom to hope for a better world

    • I know what you mean, the pictures still haunt me but we can only strive for better, hope for people’s hearts to open to compassion and love for all living creatures and one way to go about it is to bring awareness around us, information is the number one cure which goes hand in hand with education which is the root, that is where it all starts, from every mother’s warmth and wisdom.
      We can only go up from there… Thanks for giving your reflections on the matter. It’s appreciated 🙂


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