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Warts, of any kind, forget the doctor, head to the kitchen

I am so fascinated by this piece of knowledge which I feel could come to help so many people that I simply had to reblog it!
My thanks goes to this amazing blogger… Living Simply Free


Having tried out on my youngest this method (I had done it many years ago and was reminded by my kids about it) I have to add the lesson I learnt in the process.

By putting too much garlic which spread onto healthy skin I burnt it so, as a result I came up with the idea of putting garlic on a sticky plaster (no gauze) which will allow only the wart to come in contact with the garlic.

I hope this information will help prevent others from these mishaps.


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  1. Many thanks for this Reblog, if you hadn’t have done I would have missed this.. as I do follow Lois on her wonderful blog Living Simply Free .. Here is what I wrote on her posting of this..
    I hadnt heard of this cure Lois and would not have come across it if oawritingspooemspainting hadnt reblogged it.. I have a small wart appeared under my middle toe.. So this is very timely as it is just started to be painful. .. and as I believe nothing is by chance will crush a piece of garlic tonight and apply for overnight treatment Synchronisities I just love how the Universe works.. WHY? well I have been thinking on this wart for several weeks and wondering how to get rid of it. So the Universe listened! and delivered my answer so I am doubly grateful to you and Owpp for their reblogging!
    Enjoy Friday!

    Many thanks Owpp for your reblog.. You too were working with the Universe.. 🙂 and there are so many things in our Kitchen and in the garden which help heal ..
    Enjoy your own weekend ~Sue

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    I will head over there in a minute…
    I just wanted to share a recipe of mine (well a very olde Medicine womans from years ago)
    my daughter had warts cover her hands and even under here fingernails…
    no one knew why…
    when my mom was a small child she had them too…my Grandpa took her to the Witch…(medicine woman, though I met her daughter, she was very Earth like the Druids)
    she boiled peach leaves…with one peach pit….cooled slightly and my mom ( and daughter) soaked their hands in it…I did it for a week….each time pouring the water under on olde oak tree and the last night was a full moon…yes I followed her instructions…
    at first I didn’t think it was working…on the nineth day my daughter as my mom had no more warts and none have ever returned…

    sorry…I am sure there was a shorter version !
    Take Care…Thanks for the post!

    • Wow! What a recipe!! I don’t think I would’ve had the patience 🙂 but it’s surely milder than garlic. I made the mistake to put too much garlic (on healthy skin) on my child’s toe and burnt his skin as a result so, I thought of updating that post with the idea that came off it, to simply put on sticky plaster (no gauze) the exact amount needed to cover the wart.
      Thanks for adding this recipe as a comment to this post it brings variety and flavor…


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