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Simple & easy party treat idea!



This is the most simple, fast and decorative party snack. All you have to do is melt on a VERY LOW fire, some naturally sweetened chocolate or the regular for those who take sugar with a spoon of oil (the one of your choice) stir all along and once all melted, take off the fire and dip the washed strawberry in, put on a tray and after two minutes literally, store in the fridge and you are done!
If the chocolate hardens while you are working, put it back on the most extremely low fire you can till all melts again, take off fire and continue dipping.
You could use a Bain-Marie to melt it but it’ll then take a bit longer. Oh! Last thing… I felt more comfortable dipping the larger part of the strawberry as I had more grip (my two fingers! Well washed obviously 🙂 )on the pointy side but the first two or three were trials and far from perfect.
I’m sure a lot of you know this trick but I had not thought about it until someone close gave me the idea. I thought it was brilliant and wanted to share it with you, hoping it might help someone out there like me 🙂
Let me know if I am right and the best of luck!


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  1. This is great. My mom was hoping to do strawberries and chocolate this week. How serendipitous of a post. Now, if I can remember to take a picture!

  2. Ok, I burned the chocolate. Heat too high? Going to try again, but need to get more chocolate. Just wanted to keep you updated 🙂 Hugs and love

    • That’s so sweet!
      Yes, the heat has to be on the lowest. Or you can do a Bain-Marie which means putting boiling water in a bowl and putting a smaller bowl with the chocolate and oil in it, in the bigger bowl and it’ll melt that way too.
      It is easy for me as I melted chocolate a few times before.
      I appreciate the update, it’s nice to be kept in the picture… like a follow up 🙂

    • Seeing you had difficulties with the chocolate, I updated the instructions with details that I had omitted by wrongly assuming that it was obvious forgetting the previous experience I had with it. Sorry 😦
      I wrote about the longer version of a Bain-Marie and the stirring while it’s melting and taking it off the fire the moment all the chocolate melted.
      I hope this will be of help 🙂


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