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I am all that and much more – Sunday 3rd of March 2013

this tiny,yellow,luminous dot ©copyright2013owpp

this tiny,yellow,luminous dot

I am all that and more

I have become a tiny yellow dot in the vastness of the galaxies.
Sustaining the starry Prussian blue summer nights
A ball of fury, scorching the moving sands of the deserts
I pick up the privileged, caress them with golden dust
Feed the hungry so they do not congeal in the glaze of a frozen statue.

Your friend or foe, sweet or acrid, hunter…
Pick your cards, choose your destiny.
For I am, the face you want to see…
The choice, the thought you want to feed.
I invade or pervade every square inch of your deepest

I come and go, I am constant.
Blow and form everything into shape
Travel the paths that have been borrowed,
That have not.
I embrace what is shy and simmer what is in the making.

I tread on unfalteringly, come uninvited,
Open doors, crash through walls undeterred.
Grab you in a dance frenzy and cradle your bruised soul
Wipe the sweat off your brow and straighten your hunched mind.
I am the sun, I am the sand, the wind blowing

Tumbleweeds across deserted villages
The speck of dust glittering the surface of a rainbow
Spark in a child’s wondrous gaze
The amusement on the parched lips of the thirsty
Wisdom on the leathered skin of the aged

The notes of music in the autumn rustling leaves
I am all that and more…
I am the love that barks around the corner
Falling into the laps of the unexpected
The beauty showered in the rain of a chosen few

The growling sounds of thunder crashing through
The mountains, intimidating the slumber of nature
Shaking the heavy layers of snow, conducting them
Into an avalanche… commanding you out of inertia
Guiding your mind into the creation of what is me,

You and the plurality of existence
Bringing you back to the reasoning of hope
The meaning of purpose, the golden fabric of growth
Delight and dashingness of youth.
Have you fed the thought you want to be,

Sketched your destiny?
For you are, the tenacity of your stubbornness
The creativity of your genius, audacity in every living flake
The white fluffed duck, gliding on his reflection
Following the line of his ancestors

You are the tiny yellow, luminous dot…
All that and much much more…
For I am you,

I am life.


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. Chaya Berenson

    Awesome continue with your heart felt words

  2. This is amazing, I can feel it as I am reading it… and Love your blog and paintings… so out of norm.

  3. very very impressive

  4. marvellous lovely poem … and dazzling photo on the sea, you know when everything touches so.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoyed the poem, it just woke me up early morning… words nagging my mind until I could ignore them no more and had to fetch pen and paper so as not to let the chance slip by… the result was quite satisfying and “My muse…” came out as a ripple effect . I explain how the muse grips you at the time it chooses which is not always ideal 🙂

  5. Beautiful – powerful – that essence that can neither be denied nor extinguished. There is always Light…

  6. Oh, my goodness!! This seems like it has been poured passionately out of your very soul. There are so many images and words and thoughts and emotions it is almost overwhelming. It is a poem that needs to be read slowly over and over again in order to let it really sink in.
    I love it! 🙂 ❤ Thank you so so much for the link!! 🙂 I do follow you, but I don't know why I had not read this. Never mind, I have now, and I am richer for it! ❤

  7. You’re the best!


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