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A day of our lives February 2010 Oa essay



A day of our lives

Last night I felt like waiving it all. Does it happen to you too?
Ironically, the arguments I want to run away from are the very reason I will not give up.
Even if the scales prove otherwise, working my character defects is now the reason for me to stay on.
So, I am hanging on a thread, as a spider, slowly weaving my way, consolidating my web.
My thread is my connection to my élan vital. To what is home now. It keeps me linked to my sparkle. That is why I hold on, toil my way through. Anneal the base.
My thoughts shout. Build a wider faction, extensions!
Outreach calls are of paramount importance yet, I have been shying away from that assignment.

We tend to build protective walls around us, which need to be broken down at some point.
Some build fortresses throughout their lives, staking up watchmen to mark their borders that stretch out further and further away from their former territories and lose themselves in it. Opportunities for light and life shrinking away from their grasp as the ebbing of a tide, leaving its emblem to be stamped on by the carefree, merry vacationer.
Others stay jammed between the doors of desperation, forlorn in an ocean of slavery to some addiction or another, plaguing them constantly with thoughts and acting upon them in a half-slumber, as if it is their destiny, as if they had no choice in the matter.
They live in a no-man’s land. In the crepuscule. Passengers erring between countries restlessly, looking for comfort and finding none.
Solace, evading their days and nights. Their soul giving them no rest. Until they are bestowed with the gift of sagacity and composure.
The skills for living in the right sense. Fully, truly, joyfully and peacefully.
Those miracles can happen. It is only up to us to create the vessel to receive them.
All there is to do is hope to be awarded with the volition to shape, mold it, as a sturdy thick, impermeable, hermetically sealed receptacle that will enable us to treasure those gifts never letting them out of our sight,
Whatever the cost.


About oawritingspoemspaintings

A lover of poetry, abstract and realistic painting, music, good writing, languages, Italy, photography, holistic therapies, natural lifestyle and fully living the moment.

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  1. I am finally mustering up the courage to comment. You have a beautiful site. You seem talented in every arena a de-blog-athoner. My little girl (10) loves your paintings and wants me to paint the way you do. (I’ve tried to explain this is not possible…at least not this decade) I often have to get my dictionary or hit the dictionary button to get the definition of words you so eloquently weave. All in all, I want to be like you when I grow up. You have a beautiful, relate-able, rich blog. Thank you for always visiting my blog. I am in good company with a friend like you. Your paintings and post make my life better.
    with love, Lisa

    • Wow! What an encouraging beautiful comment 🙂 I think painting is within everyone’s reach. Five years ago, I thought it was just a dream, then I took lessons without expecting anything, actually thinking anybody would do better than me…but then, slowly, practice made it possible. I initiated my kids in the early days, when I was still doubtful about my talent and realized that to them, abstract is easy, because they don’t let their thinking come in the way, they just are and do. It taught me a great lesson in art. We just took some paint and paper and told them to let their imagination run wild… 🙂 mostly on Sundays. They loved it but today they don’t feel the need to follow that path which I respect, I believe there are times they need it and others… Well, they live! Your appreciation of this blog means a lot to me and I’m glad you picked up your courage to let me know. Thanks!

    • I have nominated you for the shine on award. Thanks for your inspiring blog!

  2. Your writing is beautiful. Full of poetic imagery and language. I feel what you are saying. I am a spider hanging by the thread that does, at times, sparkle in the sun. I need that thread because it allows me to slowly construct my home, the place where I can be who I am. I LOVE the words, anneal and élan.
    I respect your wishes to not have your work duplicated or re-blogged. Just know that I would share it if I could. I believe others would benefit from your thoughts.:)

    • I had to read back my article as it was such a long time I had published it! Meanwhile I have managed to be abstinent and have kept a food-plan that suits my body for almost a year and my life has totally changed for the better. I pray it should go on further…Your comment touched me to the core.
      I am still a novice at this copyright business but I surely am going to exclude my OA writings from it! I believe that if only ONE person can benefit from it, my suffering (it sounds like a strong word but that’s exactly what it was) would’ve been worthwhile… which might sounds strange but I mean every word of it!
      So, you have my full permission to reblog any OA writings you wish 🙂
      My thanks and appreciation for visiting my blog and taking an interest in my works.
      May your life and days be blessed and happy, have a beautiful end of summer.


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