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The sea and I – English poem 2013 ( With French original text )



Some holidays we just take the time to live and others are an occasion to inspiration. The latter is what happened to me these winter holidays. I hope you’ll enjoy the results!

The sea and I

At first glance
The sea and I
The first steps
At day or dark night

Under all nooks and crannies
Throughout the seasons
Frozen and hard sculpted waves
Your piercing icy winds

White sand, sun beating
Grainy, humid or pebbly
Stubborn and fine drizzle
Love under all skies

You are intoxicating
At first glance
Sun beating
Or all evenings

Give me the sea
All my life it’d be
I will not tire
You will see

Burning or inebriating
Still or turbulent
The sea and I
Under all skies

La mer et moi

Au premier regard
La mer et moi
Au premier pas
Le jour ou nuit noir

Sous tous tes plis et coutures
A travers les saisons
Vagues sculptées, gelées et dure
Ton vent glacé transperçant

Le sable fin, soleil tapant
Granuleux, humide ou caillouteux
Pluie fine et entêtante
Le grand amour sous tous les cieux

Tu es enivrante
Au premier regard
Soleil tapant
Ou tous les soirs

Donnes moi la mer
Ma vie entière
Je ne me lasserais
Au grand jamais

Brûlante ou enivrante
Calme ou turbulente
La mer et moi
Toute une histoire


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