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“Grow Your Own Drugs” Episode 1 – Part 1 of 2

I discovered this amazing video, by James Wong, a few years ago, which opened the doors of my mind to a whole new concept
of, creating anything you want, naturally, from face cream to natural washing powder.

Why did it have this effect on me? I have no idea. All I know is that after seeing this documentary on tv
while being on holidays, I came back home and started searching on the internet and experimenting a load of different
” recipes ” for all kind of products, for about a year and a half until it got integrated in to my every day

Today, I use those same products without thinking twice. It is not a nuisance to restock them, as the
recipes are easy and the quantities enough to allow you to be quiet for a while.

The only thing in the beginning is, going out of your way to get the supplies in case you don’t have them near
you ( but they last forever! ) that’s one side of the coin. The other side is, you get it all delivered to your doorstep if it’s done
on the internet e.g Amazon, ebay… and the time consuming research, adaptation… done by me and delivered from time to time, on
this blog, which makes, your trial and errors more fun than bother.

Enjoy the first introduction with this video. It’s easy and fun to watch and for once, not too long 🙂

Uploaded by TasmanianLeatherwood on Feb 10, 2011
Hit UK series on how to grow and make your own herbal remedies.

In this episode: Marigold acne gel, Viola eczema cream & Elderflower cough drops. Sufferers who are keen to find a natural solution to their health problems, try out James’s remedies
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  1. I posted a recipe for hand and body lotion on my blog, Paradise has Mosquitoes, (I’m greedy I have two blogs) if you haven’t already seen it, it’s at I just love using this and although it isn’t one by James Wong I think he might approve of it. Enjoy all that’s natural and you can’t go far wrong, well that’s how I live anyway.

  2. I’ve got two of his books – very good and quite easy to follow the recipes. Thank you.


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