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Chocolate, raisins ( or carob ) sugar free yeast dough roll recipe



This recipe is not one of my easiest ( I had to let the dough rise ) but it’s nourishing, it’s a good
unsweetened chocolate roll for recess at school or at work. All in all, I’d say it’s
a recipe worth doing every once in a while.
I use the bread machine on dough program, to mix it and let it rise. It’s quicker, but you can do it
the ” longer “Way 🙂 the only difference with the machine is, that it requires dried yeast.

Enjoy the experience!

The making of... ©copyright2013owpp

The making of…


1. 325 ml = 10.9 u.s oz Water
2. 3 Eggs
3. 800 gm = 1.764 lb Spelt flour ( or any other )
4. 4 tbsp olive or sesame oil
5. 4 tbsp rice malt ( honey or any other natural sweetener, or 3 tbsp sugar )
6. 2 tsp salt
7. 2 1/4 tsp dried yeast ( or fresh but then you have to prepare it with a few grain of sugar and luke warm water )



Ingredients ( to sprinkle on rolled out dough )

1. Carob powder ( or chocolate )
2. Raisins
3. oil
4. Rice malt
5. Cinnamon
6. Poppy seeds
7. Optional: Sesame seeds




Let it mix and rise, then roll out, cut the dough in four on baking paper, set aside three and roll out the fourth.
Sprinkle carob powder, oil, raisins, rice malt, roll, put on baking paper on baking oven tray.
Take rice malt, dilute it with a bit of water and spread on roll, decorate with poppy seeds, sesame seeds or anything you fancy!



You can improvise any filling you want ( eg. sliced apples ) I did part of it with, cinnamon, poppy seeds, rice malt and oil.
Then the last roll I put cocoa, rice malt, oil and raisins.

Put in oven at 150 Degrees Celsius = 302 Degrees Fahrenheit, check after twenty minutes ( I always prefer to be safe than sorry 🙂 )
This time after 30 minutes I cut the roll in two to make sure it wasn’t raw inside.

Enjoy doing it and let me know your results!






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  1. I love the idea of chocolate and raisins in a sugar-free yeast dough. Very creative recipe! I wish I had a piece with coffee …. now!

    • Well, it’s called virtual tasting… that’s what blogging is all about 🙂
      Kidding aside, I’m highly complimented, as the recipe is an invention or maybe we should call it, an adaptation of mine.
      The kids love it and anyone visiting our home.
      Thanks for the time you took to comment, it’s appreciated!


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